You are not ugly, nobody is ugly. Beauty standards were created so that we cant achieve them naturally. Take characters like Betty boop for example, her proportions are unnatural. these beauty standards were made too be like that, they were subliminally made by people creating female cartoon characters. Unless you naturally fit the beauty standard, dont try too. Make your own standard.

Your not ugly, your just doing your hair/makeup/fashion wrong.

The first tip I'd give is take a front profile picture in natural lighting. Scan your face, figure out your face shape so that with things like makeup your contour will look better. Always do research on what type of makeup would fit your face best. If you have a rounder shaped face you should do a more V shaped contour.

The second tip would be YOU NEED TOO SHAPE YOUR EYEBROWS THAT FIT YOUR FACE SHAPE!! Stop doing instagram brows, they probably dont suit you. Assess your face shape then all it takes is a 2 minute google search too find the brows that look good on you.

The third tip would be eyeliner and eyeshadow shape, if you have a eye shape similar too that of kim jennie, you should be doing a more slightly lifting eyeliner and same goes with the eyeshadow.

Next would be fashion, you need too find fashion that you like, that suits you and expresses who you are that also compliments you, weather that be your body, or face. Find the type of clothes you like, you can go on fashion websites, or just use google until you find a outfit that you like, then figure out the style and you will most likely find others that you like.

Jewelry can also compliment your looks, you need too again find what suits you.

And last we have hair, hair can make or break a look, take a quick google search and find someone with a similar head shape too you and look at some hair until you find what you like that might suit you.

If you do these things I can assure you that the glow-up you've been waiting for is gonna happen. Just become a heather already what are you waiting for?

A makeup brand I'd recommend that has fair prices and quality items that you will love is Kaja beauty, they have unique but very aesthetic makeup. They are also a smaller k-beauty brand so you should check them out! (the cover image has some of their products on it) They are my favorite makeup brand, the makeup is highly pigmented and if you like aesthetic makeup you'll love this!
I recommend the youtuber Robert welsh, hes been doing makeup professionally (outside of yt) as a job for about 12-13 years now. he gives amazing advice and I got a lot of my tips from him