hey lovelies!! i have been mia for a very long time and i super duper apologize. this past summer and school year has been very stressful. i also worked on myself, physically and mentally, and had lots of very high highs but also really low lows. but overall i am doing much better and want to get back into the habit of posting! i hope you enjoy!


jeans or leggings

blogger, look, and styleblogger image flip flops, life, and green blazer image blogger, fashion, and leggings image blogger, dior, and dior bag image

long sleeves or short sleeves

summer, long sleeve top, and everyday look image summer, tote bag, and white sweater image black boots, casual, and dr martens image chic, classy, and glam image
long sleeves

fancy or casual

clothes, fashion, and outfit image fashion, outfits, and outfit ideas image fashion, outfits, and outfit ideas image fashion and streetwear image

overdressed or underdressed

Kendall, model, and jenner image actress, awards, and beautiful image accessories, dressy, and jewelry image bag, blazer, and formal image

dress or jumpsuit

beige, woman, and dress image Image by Jarbas Jacare Image by Mika fashion, girl, and dress image

skirts or pants

fashion, look, and outfit image blogger, fashion, and look image summer, everyday look, and graphic tee shirt image sunglasses, fashion, and girl image

stripes or checks

moodboard, picnic, and crop top image all stars, blue, and clothes image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image 90s, aesthetic, and babe image

heels or sneakers

art, fashion, and Louis Vuitton image aesthetic, shoes, and sneakers image aesthetic, girl, and carefree image basket, shoes, and blazer image

high street or high end

accessories, earrings, and jewellery image street style, knee high boots, and everyday look image blogger, fashion, and look image accessories, body, and chic image
high street

sunglasses or hat

bikini, lilac, and purple image aesthetic, pink, and spring image girl image girl and style image

neutral or colorful

clothes, friendship, and outfit image street style, everyday look, and pink blazer image pastel colors, accessories sunglasses, and everyday look image 2000s, colorful, and fashion image

denim or leather

accessories, earrings, and fit image aesthetic, alternative, and bag image Balenciaga, blogger, and fashion image denim, fashion, and style image

thank you so much for reading! i hope you enjoyed!

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