Presentation of some more characters.
I didn't put everything in the other post because I thought it would be too big and tiring.
Here's the first part of the story if you're interested.

Presentation of more Characters


beauty, girl, and hair image hair and hairstyle image Image by Maddy fashion, outfit, and skirt image fashion, outfit, and black image coco, fashion, and tumblr image Inspiring Image on We Heart It cold, legging, and winter image
Best friend of the boys, 11 years old blonde. Creative, smart, and observant, she loves to explore any corner and is very outgoing. She is taller than Mark which makes him angry.


hair, fashion, and girl image blonde, fashion, and hair image beauty and red image lips, red, and lipstick image chic, fall, and fashion image Image by 🥀🍃 luxury, aesthetic, and fur image leather, office, and pumps image
Betany's mother. Housekeeper. Tall woman with long, wavy blond hair. You can say that she is a big and very attractive woman. She is always in makeup and well-groomed because she has a secret crush on Ian. Her style is classic. We don't know her age because a woman never reveals her real age.


boy, ginger, and aesthetic image aesthetic, eyebrows, and eyes image body, gym, and motivation image aesthetic, jughead, and riverdale aesthetic image black, boy, and leather image Image by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ guy clothes image Image by november wine
Ian's driver and sometimes butler. He's not very smart, but he's a handsome, muscular man. His hair is red and all messed up. Must be in his 30's.


eye, aesthetic, and eyes image suit and tie kinda guy image beret, chalk, and white image clothing, man, and men image boys, fashion, and man image fashion and gloves image shoes image brown and vintage image
He is an old friend and partner of Ian. His best friend! He is also always very well dressed. He's a little younger than Ian. Loves to talk and tell stories. Unlike Ian, Jean married, but never had children. Recently had contact with his brother's family through his grandchildren. They wanted the two of them to meet.


eyes, boy, and green image aesthetic, bad, and boy image Letter, soldier, and aesthetic image style, button up, and collared shirt image aesthetic, captain america, and shield image 80s, aesthetic, and fashion image black, winter soldier, and black boots image toms shoes, floral, and sea image
Father of the boys. He is part of the army so he is not very present but whenever he can he comes running home to spend as much time with them as possible. He is always stressed but has a heart of gold.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Aesthetic fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, dress, and red image 40s, bucky barnes, and agent carter image fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, fight, and fight like a girl image Image by 🥀🍃
She is the mother of the boys. A very beautiful and elegant woman. Blue-eyed blonde. She worked for the army, but was lost on a mission.