➵ nicknames are pink princess and peach(y)
➵ favorite number is 4
➵ has 2 puppies and a cat (kuuma, kai and midnight)
➵ plays the piano and flute
➵ takes photography classes
➵ is multi bilingual
➵ has killer charisma
➵ graduated with a 4.0 GPA
➵ has learned jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and popping
➵ has sensitive ears
➵ quiet and reserved
➵ loves to feed the members and take care of them
➵ likes to keep a schedule for her workout routine
➵ likes to be carefree and live in the moment
➵ reads in her free time
➵ favorite colors are blue and purple
➵ very optimistic and hard-working
➵ known for having a unique and soothing voice
➵ good at whistling
➵ trained for 5 years
➵ ranked 69th for the "sexist female idols by lesbians"
➵ has a fear of thunder and fireworks
➵ very memeable
➵ likes to stay home
➵ sometimes noted as rude for her expressions but really she just has a resting face
➵ happy virus
➵ smiles through hard times
➵ a motivational speaker
➵ wanted to be a doctor originally
➵ has 2 siblings
➵ took philology in college before dropping out
➵ despises the color orange( thinks she looks bad in it)
➵ good at cooking and baking
➵ wants to have at least 2 kids
➵ took fencing and gymnastics when she was younger
➵ only took 3 years of Taekwondo

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«POSITION: center, sub vocalist, main dancer and visual
« BIRTHDAY: august 2nd, 1995
« AGE: 25
« HEIGHT: 5′ 3″
« WEIGHT: 115'

IDEAL TYPE: someone who's very playful and works hard. knows how to balance out our relationship and their career. someone who can keep a conversation going.


〈 ➛ Ayane kim has a compelling sense of herself as a spiritual being who is the searcher and the seeker of truth. That said, Ayane's life is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and finding the answers to the mysteries of life. Monumental as it is, kim is well-equipped to handle her mission. She enjoys a fine mind, and is an analytical thinker, capable of great concentration and theoretical insight. Ayane kim enjoys research, and putting the pieces of an intellectual puzzle together, and once she has enough pieces in place, Ayane is capable of highly creative insight and practical solutions to problems.

➛ Ayane kim enjoys her solitude and prefers to work alone. She needs time to contemplate her ideas without the intrusion of other people's thoughts. She is a lone wolf and a person who lives by his own ideas and methods. As a result, close associations are difficult for Ayane to form and keep, especially marriage. kim needs her space and privacy, which, when violated, can cause her great frustration and irritation.

➛ When her life is balanced, however, Ayane kim is both charming and attractive. She can be the life of a party, and enjoy performing before an audience. Ayane loves displaying her wit and knowledge, which makes her attractive to others, especially the opposite sex. It should just be remembered that because she associates peace with the unobtrusive privacy of her world, intimacy is difficult for Ayane kim. It is kim's challenge to avoid shutting out the love of others and keeping her from experiencing the true joy of friendship and close companionship.

➛ Entrepreneurial and progressive, Ayane kim is ever-striving, heading for the top, and enjoying an enterprising, ambitious and determined personality to do things well, and an unyielding dedication to her plan until the goals are achieved.
She bounces back easily from setbacks and can overcome any adversities or obstacles thrown in her way. There is danger, however that her trait of determination and dedication will shift to stubbornness, making Ayane cling to ideas and projects well past their fruitious season. It is a good idea for her to keep fresh pipeline of ideas to make it easier to replace outdated plans by new and better ones.

➛ Ayane kim makes a good performer, but at the same time she can be quite intense and serious. Her artistic talent is emphasized in the performing arts where sensitivity and understanding for people and situations is called for. Ayane can easily gain high respect in the community, being understanding of the views of others, and she often tends to achieve her goals. When balanced, she is compassionate and emotionally secure. kim is also a natural healer, with leadership qualities and the ability to genuinely empathize. She also radiates love and spiritual happiness to those around her. When unbalanced, drama queen is not an unfamiliar term to Ayane, and she often likes to give advice to others even when her own life is a mess. By becoming aware of her emotions, she can gain control over them rather than have her emotions control her life. And the reward is great because then she shows vast depth of understanding while keeping her emotions checked. 〉


➢ "As the living it is our responsibility to carry out the wishes of the ones who are gone"
➢ "stop hating yourself for everything you aren't. start loving yourself for everything you are"
➢ " don't let loyalty become an obsession"
➢ " choice, chance, change"
➢ "nothing happens overtime work hard, keep focus and remain patient"

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➢ this was made for fun i was bored and still in school but if you stayed this long thank you so much for reading and giving it a chance.

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