thanks for the inspo, make sure to check this one out~

bad boy (rv) or fancy (twice)

girl, twice, and fancy image fancy, gg, and kpop image
fancy - twice

boombayah (bp) or save me (bts)

Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨ Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨
save me - bts (my fave bts era)

call me baby (exo) or monster (exo)

exo, sehun, and oh sehun image exo, sehun, and oh sehun image
call me baby - exo

pporippippam (sunmi) or i cant stop me (twice)

twice, sana, and momo image twice, sana, and momo image
i cant stop me - twice

mmmh (kai) or maria (hwasa)

kai, exo, and kai exo image exo, kai exo, and kim jongin image
mmmh - kai (such a good song)

im so sick (apink) or mago (gfriend)

kpop lyrics, kpop, and Lyrics image kpop, im so sick, and naeun image
im so sick - apink

love bomb (fromis9) or psycho (rv)

adorable, kpop, and ulzzang image kpop, sixteen, and ulzzang image
love bomb - fromis9 (one of my fave kpop songs ever)

heart attack (chuu) or new (yves)

aesthetic, girl, and tumblr image kpop, yives, and aesthetic image
new - yves

gashina (sunmi) or peek a boo (rv)

joy, red velvet, and wendy image aesthetic, girl, and joy image
peek a boo (rv)

not today (bts) or shine (pentagon)

Image by chimmy bts, jimin, and park jimin image
not today - bts

wonderland (ateez) or gods menu (skz)

aesthetic, era, and gold image kpop, rp, and lq image
wonderland - ateez (vv close tho)

move (taemin) or baby dont stop (nct u)

Taemin, SHINee, and kpop image Taemin, kpop, and SHINee image
move - taemin

tempo (exo) or my pace (skz)

alternative, kpop, and lq image lq, stray kids, and bang chan image
my pace - skz (i dont rlly like tempo srry :3)

home (svt) or view (shinee)

Jonghyun, kpop, and SHINee image Image by 🥡;;
view - shinee

no (clc) or save me save you (wjsn)

k-pop, starship entertainment, and cosmic girls image starship entertainment, cosmic girls, and wjsn image
save me save you - wjsn (also didnt rlly like no)

replay (shinee) or into the new world (girls generation)

Image by Siniestra Image by Siniestra
into the new world - girls generation

i need you (bts) or if you do (got7)

bambam and got7 image got7, bambam, and kpop image
if you do - got7 (bambam ATE this era)

aiiyl (bp) or whistle (bp)

rose, blackpink, and park chaeyoung image lisa, blackpink, and kpop image
whistle - bp

gogobebe (mamamoo) or black dress (clc)

Image by Private User mamamoo, wheein, and kpop image
gogobebe - mamamoo

sunny side up (rv) or kingdom come (rv)

red velvet, kim yerim, and kpop image kpop, RV, and SM image
sunny side up - rv

love foolish (twice) or girls like us (twice)

gg, kpop, and lq image girl, feel special, and twice image
love foolish - twice (one of the best bsides EVER, close one tho)

i am the best (2ne1) or bang bang bang (bigbang)

2ne1, minzy, and gong minji image 2ne1, minzy, and gong minji image
i am the best - 2ne1

hate (4minute) or hobgoblin (clc)

hobgoblin, seungyeon, and lq image clc, seungyeon, and kpop image
hobgoblin - clc

valkyrie (oneus) or breathe (ab6ix)

kim donghyun, donghyun, and ab6ix image kim donghyun, donghyun, and ab6ix image
breathe - ab6ix (i was OBSESSED with this)

scream (dreamcatcher) or woowa (dia)

ioi, chaeyeon, and jung chaeyeon image ioi, chaeyeon, and jung chaeyeon image
woowa - dia (scream is the only dc song i dont like :3)

dun dun (everglow) or lion (gidle)

lion, soojin, and miyeon image kpop, minnie, and soyeon image
lion - gidle (one of thier best)

thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed! ~

song rec of the day -

black - pearl jam~