1.Break your breath into 4 small breaths, mentally counting with each breath
2.Hold your breath for 2 seconds
3.breathe out one big breath
4.Repeat as many times as you need, continually returning to counting breaths when your mind is distracted

Breathing exercises are one of the main ways to find peace of mind during difficult times, and there are many ways to do them. This exercise is specifically designed to help you feel in your body at the present time.

Take deep breaths. It is not necessary to use the indicated amount, you can determine how many breaths you need in order for you to feel calmer.

While this exercise may not solve all of your problems, it can help you clear your head in order to think about possible solutions, to take an important step towards recovery.

Please take care of yourself. Do your best to find a solution when difficulties arise.

Everything will be fine.