Dear crush,

I know you may never see this but I want to tell you this:

I loved you since the first time I saw you,
playing with that guitar while your curls were bouncing back.
Your beautiful smile that made the room shine.
you looked so happy and handsome that made me gasp.

I admired you in the distance,
while you were talking with your friends.
I was on the other side, feeling butterflies all over the place.
And then, one day you saw me.
Greeted me with joy.
but I didn’t seem to answer.
If you would only know that I was anxious.

Now you are with other,
I still admire you in the distance.
Butterflies are fading away.
I saw love in my imagination, while you were somewhere else.

I wish you are happy, I wish you the best.
Maybe, someday we will reconnect again.