☁1. Inability to live in the moment. The desire to be somewhere else, to do something different with other people.

☁2. Seeing problems as a consequence of your past. Despite the fact that the past affects us in a certain way, it cannot define us. We are able to choose, decide and act - to control our lives. Don't let the suffering of the past determine who you will be in the future.

☁3. Escape from problems. Hiding your head in the sand and pretending that everything is ok when you have a lot of problems is crazy. Face reality, act, take the necessary steps to make your life better.

☁4. Ingratitude. Gratitude frees your heart and mind. Ingratitude destroys you from the inside, it makes you feel overwhelmed.

☁5. Anger. Giving up forgiveness and resenting other people slowly poisons your life and negatively affects your personality. Try to free yourself from this, live a happy, fulfilling life.

☁6. Expectations rule your life. Life rarely goes according to plan. People will disappoint and let you down. Accepting this side of life will relieve you of tension.

☁7. Disrespect for yourself and other people. Everyone deserves respect. Each of us has our own story, something with which we have to fight. Be kind, understand and forgive.

☁8. Neglecting important relationships. A relationship built on unconditional love - when a person accepts you for who you are - is a gift of fate. You must fight for them.

☁9. Love for toxic people. Understand that there are people out there who are exploiting you, destroying your confidence, or hurting you.

☁10. No risk. If you always play by the rules and stay in your comfort zone, you end up not moving forward.