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Question of the day: Where do you want to go next?
-My answer: South Korea, Mexico, India, Norway :)

It's (for now) my final part of the Countries I have been to series. We did Europe so let's look at where I´ve been when it comes to the other continents of this magnificent world we live on.

before we start, here is part 3 if you haven't seen it already:


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YES the USA. Been there twice and truly enjoyed both times. The first time I went, I and my family visited my aunt who lived in New York at that time. I was mesmerized by this city and the people and everything that has to do with it. One of my travel goals is to spend Christmas time in New York one day. The second time I traveled to the US was also with my family to do a road trip through Florida. We started In Miami made our way up to Orlando and then back down to enjoy the beautiful nature you can find on the Keys. I feel like the USA has so much to offer. There are so many places I cant wait to visit like California, Hawaii or Louisiana so visit my friend.


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A couple of months ago I found old pictures of me from our family trip to Egypt and when I tell you that I looked horrendous I am not joking. Despite the fact that my outfits were questionable I really enjoyed Egypt. We were in a city called Hurgada. I know that from a young age on I was fascinated with Egypt's history and culture so when my mom told me we were going to travel there I was super excited. I loved visiting the old graves of the pharaohs. I remember lots of this trip even tho I was really young. We went on a boat tour on the Nil, went diving in the red sea, and visited lots and lots of old ruins. I have a good friend from Alexandria and I can't wait to visit her and go back to this beautiful country.


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Tunisia. My second trip to this beautiful continent called Africa. For some reason, the main thing I remember is the hotel we were in. I remember the food, the pool, the beach, and the amazingly friendly locals that worked there. We did lots of day trips and activities like safaris through the desert and diving in the sea. You know, holidays with my mom are always active with lots of activities and plans. My dad on the other hand is the one that makes sure that we also spend some time relaxing by the pool or sea with a beer in our hands. I think my travel style is more like my mom's but don't get me wrong swimming and drinking beer at the beach is most definitely an activity that I also enjoy doing :)


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Tbh, I have been in China for maybe 20 hours. On my way to Australia, I had a layover in Shanghai and took the chance to get myself a 72- hour Visa and stroll around the city a bit. I took a girl that I met on the plane with me and decided to do a one-day city trip through Shanghai. Despite my jet lag and the culture shock of this crazy busy city, I truly enjoy it. Before I landed in China I googled the most common places to go to be a bit prepared but tbh I mostly winged this whole short- trip. Somehow we managed to get on the right bus to the city and made our way to the old town to visit the Yu Yuan gardens, get some street food, and stroll along the bund. I do count China as a country I have been to but I have not actually seen anything except for a small part of Shanghai. I can't wait to go back to China and explore places like the Chinese Wall.


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Australia. my love. I will probably make an own article for Australia at some point. Back in 2019, I went to Australia for 4 months to go backpacking. And it was probably my favourite time I ever had. To this day I love thinking and talking about it (YES, sometimes I annoy people with it but IDC). I started in Melbourne, a city that I proudly count to be one of my favourites. I stayed with family- friends who lived there for the past 20 years. I loved that experience because I really had this Aussi life for at least a while. My mom and stepdad came to visit and we started a 3-week road trip along the great ocean road, through the outback and many more amazing places. After dropping them off In Melbourne again I made my way to Sydney, then Brisbane and the areas around it, Tasmania and back to Melbourne. I can not tell you how amazing this experience was. I made friends (long term and just friends for the day), grew so much as a person and just had the time of my life. Fun fact I turned into a sea over pool person in Australia. It's a beautiful country that I am desperately waiting to get back to. 4-month wasn't nearly enough to even scratch the surface of what this huge country has to offer. If u ever get the chance to go or you're thinking about going. Please do so. You will most definitely not regret it. :)

So that's it. :) All of the 20 countries I have been to in the nearly 21 years of my life (5 days till it's my birthday).
Get excited for part 5 when the world gets back to normal and I am finally allowed to leave Germany again. I truly can't wait for this to happen.

xoxo Svenja :)