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Welcome back ladies and gens. Nice to have you again. So today we (by WE I actually just mean ME) are going to talk about more countries I have been to. The first two parts of this series were dedicated to Europe, so will this one. Sad story but this will be the last part about Europe but don’t worry there is more to come :).

And here you go If you want to see part 2 of this series first:

So lets go:


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Oh wow, Croatia. Another country I went to a couple of times. I don’t remember every single time I went but this one time was probably one of the most important (?) memorable (?) confusing (?) trips I ever took. I don’t really know how to explain how I feel/ felt about it- the situation wasn’t easy but worth it. It was when I was maybe 12 or 13 years old and it was the first trip I ever did with my stepdad (and my mom obviously). I remember our Air BnB. It was a cute little house with a balcony. My favorite part was probably the fig tree that was so huge that we could just reach up from the balcony to grab some fresh figs every morning. I remember going to the beach and eating fresh seafood in this really cute and beautiful restaurant up on a mountain. When I think about Croatia it somehow gives me this weird feeling of comfortably feeling uncomfortable and I don’t mind it at all. It’s a beautiful country that has so much more to offer than what I have seen.


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Well tbh, I don’t know what to say lol. I barely remember Cyprus (but for real tho). For this last Europe part, it feels like I left the countries that I barely remember lol. I just know I loved the beaches and the little narrow streets. Since I have lots of pictures but not many memories I think most of what I remember comes from seeing it in pictures. But that's just another reason to go back and explore the country all over again. :)

Czech Republic

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I am a fan of Prague. I sadly can't say much about the other parts of the Czech Republic but I proudly consider Prague as one of my favorite cities. I first fell in love with it back in 2016 when I went there for a school trip. It was so much fun and I completely fell in love with the vibe and the old town of the city. A few months later I went back with my family and my opinion about it didn’t change. Even tho Prague is amazing and I would go back any day (even if it was just to eat trdelnik) I cant wait to travel more around In Czechia. I have a good friend who lives there and well, he always tries to convince me that the rest of the Czech Republic is nicer than Prague so he might as well convince me by showing me the rest of the country.


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I know I know, geographically speaking 97% of Turkey is in Asia but for me, Turkey belongs to Europe. I actually wasn’t even In Istanbul, I went to Anakara with my family when I was younger but still, I didn’t say that I have been to Asia (till I went to China- get excited for part 4). Please don’t hate me for my opinion. Thanks. It is another country in which I do not have the most vivid memories. I KNOW I have been there and I have lots of pictures of me being there but I can't remember too much. I think that is one of the main reasons why I really want to go back. I just think that the Turkish culture is so interesting. Here in Berlin, there are lots of Turkish influences because it is the second-largest ethnic group living here. I just feel like the country has so much to offer that I haven't seen yet.


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YESS let's get to the last country located in Europe that I want to mention. GERMANY. My home country and tbh I am a fan of It. I am from Berlin and it's probably my favorite city in this world (even tho I traveled to so many others already). Apart from telling all of you to pay Berlin a visit, I am also fond of some other places in Germany. I mean Bavaria probably has one of the prettiest sceneries you can ask for. Mountains over mountains. Perfect for skiing or hiking. If you want to party I can only recommend going to the Karneval in Colone. You have to be “Trinkfest” and you're set to have lots and lots of fun. Just basically a whole city partying for days. There are obviously way more things to do in Germany and from history, nature to city trip lovers I am sure anyone can find a thing or two to do. (I sound like a travel advisor don’t I) Tbh I sadly haven’t really traveled through Germany but believe me when I say that one day I’ll do a full-on Germany- road trip.

I don’t know but I feel like you don’t always have to remember every single detail of your travels (and life). I can barely remember most of the trips I took as a child. But those small memories that make my heart warm thinking about it make it all worth it. Tbh I have memories of trips that might have been in Spain, maybe Croatia, maybe Italy, or Greece IDK but the important thing Is that I know it happened. Some people say it's not worth it to take your 8-year-old kid on a trip cause he can't remember most of it anyways. TBH that’s bullshit. They might not remember what they ate every single day but they will remember the important things.

As a kid, I made friends for a week with other kids and after that never saw them again (sometimes we didn’t even speak the same language). I got close to so many different cultures and foods and rituals. I started to appreciate the beauty of different cultures and ethnicities and how the views of the world are so different yet in general we all value the same things. I feel like the older I got the better I got with being comfortable in uncomfortable travel situations. Seek discomfort is a really good saying. I learned how to travel by myself and be independent because I watched how my mom handled every situation that ever occurred to us while traveling. I also learned what my favorite way of traveling is and how I don’t want to spend my time. And most importantly how small we are and how much there is to see, explore and learn.

Sorry not sorry for rambling on so much. If you actually read all that, thank you for taking that time. If you didn’t read it all, totally understandable lol, but thanks for looking at the pictures <3.
Hope you have a great day and appreciate the world we live in.

Xoxo Svenja