I am back with part two of the countries I have traveled to.
* excitement by everyone *

First of all, Incase you want to see part I, here u go :

Okay, let's just start. There is not much to explain and we are still In Europe:


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ITALY. My love for this country is so huge I can't explain. Fun fact. I have been to many places in Italy but not to Rome. I don't know where I went first but probably somewhere in Tuscany. The places I have traveled to in this incredibly beautiful country are Naples, Venice, Pisa, Florence, then a couple of times to Süd Tirol for Skiing and a couple more times to Tuscany but I don't know where exactly. I am not lying when I tell you that EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to Italy I fall in love a bit more.


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Another country I have been to SO MANY times. It's our go-to place to go skiing. We usually go to this are called "Mauterndorf". It is a beautiful small skiing area on a mountain called "Fanningberg". The first time I went there I was probably not even able to walk and we came back ever since. I learned skiing there and have the best childhood memories of drinking hot chocolate at Hansis Hütte, eating Sandwiches at Tonis Hütte, and winning the skiing tournament at the end of the ski- school week. :)


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Oh, Spain. To be honest I don't remember every single time I went there. I know I was on Mallorca a couple of times and I went to Barcellona for a weekend with my mom and stepdad. In Barcelona, we met some friends of my Stepdad and I can remember that the family father climbed up mount Everest and my younger self was just as impressed by it as my today self. I remember we lived in a super cute neighborhood with old buildings and cable stone floors. Mabey, not the most vivid memories but I know I enjoyed it. :)

United Kingdom (England)

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So let get to my mom's favorite country. ENGLAND. This woman is in love with England and I am not even mad about it haha. I went to England maybe three times. The first time we went was somewhere near Manchester. We had the most amazing air BnB it was in the middle of a small forest and the that lived there made it even better. The second time was in the south not anywhere near a huge city but I and my Stepdad made a day trip to London. When I tell you he will never do a one-day city trip with me ever again I am not lying. I was so excited to be in London for the first time that I forced him to do the same amount of activities that normal people do within a week haha.

BUT. After I graduated high school I went back to London with 2 of my friends and we had the best time ever. London is such a cool city and there is enough to do for more than just a week.


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Now that we ticked off my mom's favorite country let get to mine. ICELAND omg I am in love with this country. I never traveled there to actually travel the country. All of the 7 months I spend there I was working at this amazing horse farm in the north near a city called Blönduós. (Horses and tours, google it if you´re interested in doing a riding tour in Iceland- Sorry a bit of promo is always good lol). Every time I go there I fall in love more and more. Apart from nature I definitely come back for the people. Icelanders are just amazing. They are so incredibly welcoming and so much fun to be around. I usually talk about Iceland for hours once I started but I will stop here. You just have to know that when people ask me "One country everyone should visit" my answer will always be "Iceland!"

Thank you everyone for reading part 2 of my "Where I have been to" series. Hope you enjoyed it and see you in the next one :)
xoxo Svenja