Okay you know what, I really need to vent so someone please just listen. So I'm gonna tell you what is happening to me right now. It's kinda long so brace yourself. This guy used to be in my class in 2nd grade and he was like just one of the kids in the back round and then he left and then came back now years later and got really sweet and kind and intelligent and well..you know, HOT. Now in the beginning I thought he was cool and my best friend had a crush on him and I said "Yeah, he's cute", but in my mind I said eh. Now this is where it gets interesting, I'm friends with is best friend and I was texting him..let's call him Josh (the one who I'm friends with who's best friends with...Brady, yeah, we'll call him Brady) so I'm texting Josh and he randomly says "Hey, can I give Brady your number?" and in my mind I'm like, "I guess I could reconnect with him..I just hope he doesn't like me" so I say yes and we text for awhile, I get to know him and we become friends. Let's flash to a week or two later, I facetime him with my best friend (who has a crush on him, we'll call her Catie) and we end up coming to this conversation about who we have a crush on and Brady says he likes 2 people and we ask him if he can tell us one, of course he says no but I'm very convincing so I walk away for a minute to talk to him alone and he asks me who Catie likes and if its him. I tell that's between Catie and I so he already kinda knows she likes him so he says he likes her yay blah blah blah and then they aren't together because Catie's mom won't let her date so they are just "in like". Anyways a couple days go by and Brady and I are texting and we start sending each other songs and he sends me a really emotional song and...I kinda realize right there that I have feelings for him. Basically, we become really close friends and a lil flirty and I have to keep pushing him away..but I have this feeling..and you know when you like someone you get butterflies? Well, it's more than that..it feels so different from any guy I've liked or dated. It's just scaring me because I can't loose my best friend, but I feel magnetically drawn to him...no,no,no I can't. I'm struggling, if you have advice for me let me know in the comments