Well, i hope this situation of covid-19 ends as soon as possible and find you all well , but until this happens let's take the opportunity to think about future plans.
What is your secret passion? Hiking? Traveling? Just fall in love with the world? Try something new, like a tattoo??
Everything acceptable.
Let's take a look at the life we deserve.

Try new restaurants

Food is a special thing in all life. We must enjoy it as much as possible.
And I know.... you must have eat a lot by now in quarantine buuuuut.... try new food and see new people is something that will let you take a brake for a little.

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Of course traveling is one of the things we missed the most. So grab your bag and be ready for every type of adventure.
You want to go on a mountain? On an island? On dessert??
Wherever you want.... enough to have with you a good company.

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Hang up with family and friends

When the time of quarantine and covid pass over, you should meet with family, friends, coworkers..... and the president (?)
Who knows?
Just communicate!

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Hug your people

One thing we missed a lot this difficult year was the close contact.
So would be soooo healing if you could do that for yourself and others.
But it's ok. You can express your feeling the way you want. Hug's only an option!😉

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Change something of your appearance

It's ok if you don't want to, but a good way to let all the negative vibes behind you is to change your mood.
A tattoo? A haircut? A total wardrobe change??
Don't know! Be creative!

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Be creative at work.

We went through a long period of stagnation and rashness, so when you are given the opportunity, try for the best.
Try new things at work, change situations, start a new collaboration.

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Go to a concert/theater/museum

When we overcome this situation, do something for yourself. Visit a gallery, a museum, a theater ... anything that will inspire you and make you see the world from another perspective. There is magic, as long as you discover it.

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Take a emotional brake

I know that the new everyday life put a lot of pressure on you and you definitely deserve an emotional break, a short break. Take your time, take care of yourself and try to see life again from the beginning. Love the world like the first time.

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Hope you enjoyed the article.
Set limits to negative vibes, not dreams.
'Til next time...don't forget to smile!🤍🖤