Hellow mellows!

I know that the K-Pop industry is really cotroversial and there are a lot of things, that deserve total disapproval. But I feel that there is allready enough rightful and reasonable criticism out there. So I decided to write an article about the few positive stuff. Hope you enjoy it!

1. groups harmony and trust

exo, gif, and tree of life image
Wolf - Exo

A lot of K-pop coreographies are very dangerous and require lots of trust. Sometimes they have to jump on each others backs, catch a member after a jump or even throw each other in the air.

bts, rm, and jhope image lisa, rose, and jennie image
BTS & Blackpink

Also the synchronization in their choreos is insanely perfect. I think that this is not only the result of hard traing, but also of the harmony between the members.

2. respect for other Idols work

g idle, k-pop, and queendom image
Lion - (G)I-DLE (Queendom performance)

Two weeks ago I started watching the show Kingdom (six boy groups compete against each other in a Performance contest, there is also a girl group version called Queendom). I was really happy to see how the groups appreciated and hyped the other groups performances. Even if some groups are more popular than others they all respected the performances and hard work of one another.

3. male Idols wearing make up

exo, baekhyun, and monster image Image by 𝘩𝑜𝑠𝑒𝑜𝑘𝑣𝑎𝑛𝑡𝑒
Baekhyun (exo) & Felix (stray kids)

I just love a good eye make up and I think everyone can wear it, unattached to their gender ^^

4. normalize showing feelings

concert, bts, and low quality image
Jimin (BTS)

Having feelings should be normalized. Nobody should have to hide their feelings, they are what makes us human. I am a highly sensitive person myself and I was always ashamed if I had to cry or felt bad. While watching K-pop stages I saw Idols becoming very emotinal from time to time. It made me feel more connected to them seeing that they are only human too. Since then I really appreciate people who show their emotions and it made me more confident showing my own.

5. connection between group and fandom

twitter, bts, and taehyung image
BTS on their reality show "run BTS"

I think this is what makes K-pop so popular these days and what differentiates Idols from western Artists. The amount of shows and possiblities of K-pop groups interacting with their fans is incredible.

6. Idols vs. (overrated) beauty standards

girls, lq, and itzy image
Yeji (Itzy) cat like stunning monolids

The K-pop industry is filled with a lot of stupid overrated or even toxic beauty standards but lately a lot of Idols are fighting these standards with their stanning looks and features

fashion, girl group, and gucci image
Hwasa (Mamamoo) legendary curves and tanned skin. ~ If I don't fit into this generation's standard of beauty, then I will have to become a different standard ~
kpop, details, and stray kids image Image by # 🦋
Felix (stray kids) unique freckles. He once apologized for having freckles and hid them for a long time, but luckily his members and the fandom encouraged him to appreciate them and now he shows them confidently

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you liked it :)

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