I dream of green. A wide, vast meadow; a large, great field of flowers where I can place my basket and have a picnic with my loved one.

My lover would sit on the white fuzzy blanket and would look at the puffy clouds and the light blue horizons. He'd smile, feeling safe and away from troubles. I'd place my homemade bottle of coffee and serve a couple of croissants on two white ceramic plates.

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My lover would take in the beauty of nature and would smile so peacefully at everything Mother Nature was offering us.
He'd then lean into me and kiss me softly on my lips and I'd smile into the kiss because of how loved I'd feel. The pale wind would take a few strands of my hair and make them land on his pale cheeks. He'd get tickly and we'd chuckle together. And we would feel happy and content in our safe haven.

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We'd know that no one could enter that little place we called heaven; no one could bother us; no one could take our place and call it theirs. We would stay there, lie down in the green, flowery field, and would make love with the universe watching and hearing us, protecting us from the bad. And we would not care because it would only be just the two of us, alone, loving each other gently, planting wet kisses on our needy bodies. And we would give into our feelings, and get lost in them and in each other.

And after all would be over, he'd lie beside me and would pluck some white flowers and put them in my hair, behind my ear. He'd tuck a strand of my hair behind my other ear and would caress my cheek slowly.

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He'd look at me in awe and would not believe I was his and he was mine - and I'd notice that in his golden-brown eyes.
His lips'd part slightly and mutter how beautiful I am and I'd smile because I knew but I'd never get tired of hearing it coming from his mouth.

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I was never one person to love deeply. But ever since I met my lover boy wearing green, I couldn't not love him. He made me laugh often and took me to green, happy lands.
He always put in the effort to show me love even when times were hard and confusing and it was hard to hold each other's hands. He was the one to show me the green side of paradise and he was the one who got me so high and kept me there.

And now there he was - my lover, my one and only, the one who has become my green field of flowers. My peace, my candle in the wind. My green side of heaven.

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