Hello again, today I forgot to go to my shrink, I know its bad and will not help me skipping this

my mom tries to make me laugh all the time and its tiring, most of the time she is really touchy, I just hate it

speaking of my parents, I wish they were divorced, I saw a tweet saying if you have present parents you will have traumas too and I can say it is real...
I am bi, but my parents are conservative, so I dont have the guts to say it to them, they like my gay friends, I can ask them to come home and get out, but i am afraid how they will react with me, so i cant be 100% myself and i think that messed up my head a bit

I dont think they are going to beat me or kick me out of the house, but they certainly will act strange and i dont want that

kisses, hope you are dealing with life better than me