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lots of people are now getting into alternative medicines including healing crystals and crystals in general. if you want a crystal to help you out spiritually, mentally and maybe even physically, keep reading. enjoy :)

clear quartz
crystals and clear quartz image healing crystals and clear quartz crystals image

this crystal is considered a "master healer" by amplifying energy and helps with concentration and memory. although physically, clear quartz can help the immune system and balance the entire the body.

rose quartz
Image by Amy Baker pink, crystal, and stone image

this pink stone is about love, it helps restore trust and harmony in all kinds of relationships while improving close connections. it can also encourage love, respect trust and worth within one's self.

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this crystal is known for empowering your spirit, it protects you from negative feelings and promots courage, quick thinking and confidence. this crystal can help you through times of stress

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this is an intensely protective stone against negative thoughts and emotions. it also helps increase qualities of strength, clarity and compassion. physically it helps with digestion and detoxification while temporarily reducing pain and cramps

Image by Tahire62 citrine, crystal, and gem image

this stone helps turn fear into optimism, warmth and motivation. it can also enhance creativity and concentration

awesome, geology, and turquoise image bohemian, gems, and jewellery image

this stone can heal the mind, body and soul. it's seen as a good luck charm. physically it can help your immune and respiratory system.

tiger's eye
tiger's eye and crystal image stone, crystal, and tigers eye image

if you are in need of a power or motivation boost, it can help rid your mind of fear, anxiety and self-doubt. this stone also helps with career goals and aspirations my helping you make clear and conscious decisions.

amethyst, crystal, and iphone image wallpaper, crystal, and purple image

amethyst stones are purifying and protective. this stone can also promote sobriety and spiritual wisdom. physically it can help with stress and people who have insomnia

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moonstone is known for encouraging inner strength and growth. when starting new, it's said that this stone can aid in those stressful moments and instability. it also promotes positive thinking, intuition and inspiration

march birthstone, sterling bloodstone, and bloodstone jewelry image silver jewelry, gemstone pendant, and silver pendant image

this stone cleanses the blood by getting rid of bad environmental energies and improving circulation. mindfully speaking it encourages selfishness, creativity and idealism.

hands, jewelry, and luxury image diamond, jewelry, and necklace image

this blue stone holds wisdom and royalty. it can also attract prosperity, happiness, and peace while helping the mind accept beauty and intuition. physically speaking, this stone helps with eye issues, cellular levels and blood disorders while helping depression, anxiety and insomnia

burgundy, closeup, and ruby image aesthetic, crystal, and colors image

a ruby can improve sensuality and sex and intellect. it can also bring about self awareness. in ancient times, rubies were used to help remove toxins from blood and improve your circulatory system

how to choose your crystal
  • identify what you feel you're missing before looking into what stones can provide you
  • let your intuition choose, if it catches your eye or you can feel yourself physically pull towards a specific crystal. your inner subconcious will help you guide you to the crystal that's right for you
how to care for your crystal
  • cleanse any energy away, hold it under cold running water
  • add some sea salt to the cleanse or burn sage to help it get rid of unwanted energies, you can also leave it out to dry in morning sunlight or full moon light
  • it's not about physical care but mental care as well, you have to mentally take away the negative energy or skepticism about their capabilities so you can respect what care they can do for you
crystal accessories

here are some accessories to make your crystals stand out

  • prayer beads - worn against the heart to inspire all kinds of positive feelings, whether it be hope, courage, or peace. they’re a great way for anyone to carry around the healing powers of crystals
  • coasters - the agate stone in this household item will help promote balance and harmony within the home. these are ideal for those who want to bring good energies into their abode
  • sex toys (i know it's weird but keep reading) - crystal sex toys mix their energies with your sexual energy to help provide pure, sexual pleasure. they’re great tools for those who’ve been in a sexual rut to help them get open up
  • pipes - you can even smoke out of crystal-made hand pipes. they’re smooth, easy to use, and sturdy. this makes them a great gift for anyone who uses medical marijuana to manage a health condition

note: if you are already skeptical about these crystals and their abilities, then they likely won't do you any good. try to keep an open mind when obtaining the positive qualities and make sure to give them an honest try

i hope you guys enjoyed this article, stay safe

~ rumina