Day 2: 4/12/2021

List all the things you hate...

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1. That moment when you realize that you forgot to put a bra on… that, my friends, is pure disappointment
2. When people think I’m mean just because of my appearance
3. When you smudge your nail polish(I have been having a weekend long battle with trying to get it just right without smudging it)
4. When I can’t seem to get the music right even though I know what to play
5. When people leave me on read >=(

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6. When you fail to reach your goal but you got so darn close
7. Quitting. I hate quitting.
8. Messy rooms, or just cluttered areas. They are the bane of my existence.
9. When people speak badly about social media, I know that it’s dangerous, I just want to use it as an outlet for my feelings
10. My appearance tbh

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11. Hot, muggy days(when I say hot I mean above 85 degrees Fahrenheit)
12. Having my T-shirts on hangers, they fit much better in the drawer
13. Tangled headphones
15. My scars
16. Anything extremely sweet smelling

These are just some of the things that I hate but, there is much more major things that are controversial that I do not wish to speak of. :D
Yours Truly,


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