there is an immense wonder in my soul,
which carries with it a sense of passion for life

it is rooted in the thought of what the future holds,
if i myself, hold on,

how many soft kisses will be placed on my lips,
on my forehead and on my cheeks?

how many gentle hugs will i feel, strong arms around my

how many times will i hear the words i love you,
and finally feel safe?

how many times will i take a deep breath, and finally
feel okay?

how many times will i look up at the sky, and adore
the soft floating clouds?

how many dusty sunsets will i watch?
how many movies will make me cry?

how many times will i laugh till my stomache aches?
how many times will i finally feel at home?

how many times will i be told im appreciated,
and know its surely true?

how many times will my hand be clutched tightly?
how many times will i be held so close?

how much of this would i miss, if i gave it all up tomorrow?

so i hold on, knowing time will pass.
i know there is so much that is unknown,
so many cosy mornings with soft kisses,
so many late nights with wide smiles,
so many i love you's - so many hope filled years.

in these fleeting moments, i know, there is so much to come,
happiness will mend this broken heart, this i surely know.

so hold on my friend, for the same is true for you -
the future is waiting and joy will slowly envelop you.