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I don't believe this is a widely known fact, but as it happens, I really enjoy all sorts of art and expression. Whether it be music, art, film or photography, I love channeling into my creativity. Lately, I've grown a liking towards poster-making. Therefore, I thought it would be a fine thing to share some of my recent creations. Bear in mind I don't do this a whole lot and have no kind of "professional" knowledge. It's simply for fun, a passion. So, here are a few posters! (I'll also feature a few posters from other creators that I truly love)

graphic posters

edit, bts, and 방탄소년단 image
edit, bts, and 방탄소년단 image
"little things make big things happen"

I wanted to experiment with a more retro look, so these posters are inspired by that exact feeling. I think they turned out quite adequate ;)

edit, v, and poster image

magazine covers

edit, v, and vogue image
edit, magazine, and bts image

I also wanted to give the typical magazine edits a go, and ended up finishing these two. I still prefer a vintage look, so I look for overlays and filters that give off the right vibe.

movie posters

OK, this is where I have the least experience. I only experimented with these today, so I still have no clue what I'm doing. Anyways, I love those kind of artsy movie posters, so that's what I tried to create here.

edit, v, and bts image
edit, v, and bts image
"I quite like the look of these Stigma posters in monochrome and colours."
fashion, movie, and poster image
aesthetic, edit, and v image

Other posters to check out

Aside from these posters, there are loads of other creations on we heart it that I adore! There's such an abundance of talented people. Some of my current favourites:

edit, bts, and yoongi image
archive, cyber, and v image
90's, army, and art image
inspo, magazine, and poster image
jk, bts, and headers image

And that was it! I'll likely publish something similar in the future, whether it be posters, art, fashion etc.