i found some songs from my playlist that i wanted to share with everyone. all these artists are amazing and create such beautiful art with their music.

mazzy star - flowers in december

mazzy star image
they say every man goes blind in his heart. and they say everybody steals somebody's heart away.

jhené aiko - overstimulated

jhene aiko, aiko, and article image jhene aiko image
took it without looking now I'm looking up the side effects. feel like there a fire set. that I should be dying next, my regrets. yeah oh my regrets

pretty - mushroom man

art image
hello, hello.

the driver era - preacher man

the driver era image
hey mr preacher man. i've been playing with your heart like a violin. i've been stumbling through the door after 6am. fix my soul so i don't lose a love again.

mabel x not3s - fine line

celebrity, fashion, and summer image singer and mabel image
now I'm dancing on a fine line. somewhere between a minute and a lifetime. You do it to me, to me.

frank sinatra - witchcraft

1940s, 1950s, and jazz image
cause it's witchcraft. wicked witchcraft. and although I know, it's strictly taboo.

finneas - die alone

black and white, boys, and celebrities image
if the sky darkens above you. i'll stay by your side in the afterglow.

wafia - hurricane

artist, beautiful, and fashion image
i'm a hurricane. could you hold me down?

niki - tide

niki, singer, and niki zefanya image artist, niki, and singer image
tide is high, moon is drunk. vessels sailed, sailors sunk. waves of sound, sea of sharks. catch you off your guppy guard.

lia marie johnson - moonflower

lia marie johnson image girl, grunge, and Lyrics image
i am the sunrise. and you are the sky. give me your darkness. so I can be high

dayglow - can i call you tonight?

dayglow image
i feel close. or maybe I'm not, heaven knows. it's a spotlight stuck on the ceiling. why are these the things that i'm feeling.

mahalia - hide out

woman, artists, and photography image
i was here the whole time. you were busy chasing. you don't know what you had. i'm Amazing.

pia mia - feel up

flawless, role model, and singer image pia mia image
when we’re together you never tell me how you feel and lately I been looking for something that’s real

cat power - cross bones style

cat, moon, and night image
oh, how time flies. with crystal clear eyes.

katelyn tarver - made it this far

aesthetic, blonde, and girl image blonde, blonde hair, and girl image
don't trade the best for something better. please don't forget, no one's here forever.

chloe x halle - tipsy

chloe x halle image
i might be a little tipsy on your love. makes me a little crazy, but so what?

M83 - wait

Dream, m83, and photo image
give your tears. to the tide.

ava max - belladonna

ava max image singer, torn, and so am i image
belladonna 4x. poisonous. contagious. get your high in my cabana.

the big moon - your light

abrazo, amor, and gif image
dont don't don't don't say another sorry today. One more time is more than you mean it anyway.

paris jackson - dead sea

paris jackson image
i can’t feel my feet. must mean i’m falling down. or up, offbeat.

birdy - loneliness

art, singer, and loneliness image
watching the clock hand. fall asleep on us. i've been losing my mind in these sweet dreams of loneliness.

selena gomez x gucci mane - fetish

Image by bella selena gomez, fetish, and selenagomez image
i'm not surprised. i sympathize. i can't deny. your appetite.

peter bradley adams - full moon song

candle, moon, and moonchild image
i wanna live like a kid with holes in his boots. i wanna climb like a child in a tree. i wanna love like the man with nothing to lose. and die with my heart on my sleeve.

angus & julia stone - santa monica dream

angus and julia stone image sunset, sky, and photography image
goodbye to my Santa Monica dream. fifteen kids in the backyard drinking wine. you will tell me stories of the sea. and the ones you left behind.

kid bloom, jesse - in one ear

artist, indie, and band image
don’t bother. in one ear and out the other. i can hear but it don’t matter.

bee gees - you win again

band, brothers, and fan image 70s, bee gees, and blackandwhite image
there's no life on Earth. no other could see me through. you win again. some never try. but if anybody can, we can. and I'll be, I'll be. following you.

phoebe bridgers - kyoto

Image by Alice phoebe bridgers image
sunset’s been a freak show. on the weekend so I’ve been driving out to the suburbs. to park at the Goodwill and stare at the chem trails. with my little brother.

i send you all of my love. stay safe, healthy and happy.