Cats are unpredictable animals with unexpected body language. If you live with a cat, then you probably know that they exhibit some weird behaviors that arouse curiosity in this post.

We will talk about 10 bad and weird things that cats do and explain the meaning behind them.

1. Why Cat Scratch

Cats scratch for a lot of reasons that they want to remove the dead outer layer of their paws and they want to burn off some energy or stretch their body, but more often than not scratching cats both leave the scene.

Don't want to mark your area. And an odor mark cats have odor glands on their paws, depositing the odor on an area they are marking because their scratching is a normal instinctive behavior for cats to remain physically and mentally healthy.

2. Why Does A Cat Suddenly Take Off Running?

Should your cat suddenly run around the house and then suddenly stop on its tracks, this behavior is often due to the pent-up energy that cats with sudden overflow are natural predators and domestic cats give this instinct a certain limit.

So that they will sometimes feel the desire. Hunt and practice their natural instincts. If a cat is not getting enough exercise during the day, racing around can be a way to burn off energy Another can overcome the smell of an animal or a sound, which is why your cat starts running around.

Crazy cat's hearing ability is much better than humans because your cat can simply respond to a bird they see outside the window.

3. Why Cats Bite Their Prey

You can add a cat's burial feces to clean up the behavior but the reason is that all the more complicated than cat poof can smell the same to us, but cats Other than thanks to a unique smelling fragrance can tell their wastes are called pheromones which are present in their urine and feces in wild cats, covering their feces to eliminate odors and attract the attention of predators.

Yes, it is also a cat's way that does not warn potential acclaim that a feline predator is not around pet cats. Often hunted and not at risk of wild predators, they still retain the same survival instincts and continue to protect their territory as if to hide their scars to cover their prey.

May also bury unmatched food and prevent the attention of predators or potential prey cats. So they do not prohibit food for later consumption

4. Begging For Food, But Not Eating It

Your cat may be begging for food, sniffing it and walking away may indicate your cat's desire to pay attention, and recent studies at the University of Vienna suggest that cats associate with cats' food with affection Huh.

They mean loving them, if your cat needs some attention or they love, they ask for some snacks, but if your cat has suddenly stopped showing interest in their favorite treat, So a sudden loss of appetite can be a sign of a health issue.

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