Taking care of yourself is so important.

Your body, your mind, even the Earth we live in. You can't escape that, so why hate it and judge it? Change it, every little step counts.

If you don't feel happy in your body, if you don't feel like you belong there, do something. You have one body for the rest of your life so don't say ''I'll do it tomorrow''... Do it now. Stop saying mean words to yourself, say something good like you would say to other people. Think about what your body has done for you, and give something back. Do anything that will help you love yourself. Start with baby steps and see where you will end up. As much as you need your body, it needs you too. If you don't change the perspective of yourself, your body won't move along. But if you think right, your body will dance to the rhythm of your mind.

Give yourself some time and listen so that you can truly find what makes you love yourself and be happy.

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“Tomorrow is not guaranteed. If it is worth dreaming about, it’s worth fighting for now.˝ - Rebecca K. Sampson

“Don’t wait for big opportunities. You can create small but wonderful ones by starting with what you have.” - Israelmore Ayivor