Saw this on my newsfeed and decided to give it a go!

If I were...

-An Element

waves, ocean, and sea image canada, lake, and snow image fish, aesthetic, and nature image Image by Света (С Чувством Любьви)
I would be water

-A Season

fall and Halloween image autumn, fall, and leaves image Image by rosaesea🍅☕🐙🦔🍂🌫️🌊🍃🥚🍲🍜 Image by Eugenia

-Time of the Day

autumn, earth, and fall image
I would be morning

-A colour

green, car, and aesthetic image aesthetic, colorful, and decoration image aesthetic, clouds, and sky image Image by Popo Leung
Mint green

-A body part

couple, love, and goals image

-A piece of clothing

rap, wolf gang, and golf wang image
I love socks! The crazier, the better

-An accessory

beautiful, chain, and gold image bracelet, chain, and gold image
I love hand harnesses

-A flower

flowers, pink, and peonies image flowers, pink, and peonies image

-A country

cuba, la habana, and mar image baseball, cars, and chevy image cuba, travel, and beautiful image Image by Mia

-A drink

belgium, tropical, and rubicon image

-An animal

leopar and wild life image animal, cute, and aww image animal, wild, and nature image кошка, животное, and красиво image
I would be a jaguar

-A subject

aesthetic and chemistry image breaking bad, tv show, and heisenberg image pegylation image chemist, chemistry lab, and online tutors image

-A scent

aries, astrology, and orange image flowers, jasmine, and jasmine flowers image
Honeysuckle or Jasmine

-A TV show

charmed, tv series, and witch image

-A Movie

death, movie, and Witches image Practical Magic, 90s, and movie image sandra bullock, Nicole Kidman, and Practical Magic image house and Practical Magic image
I would be Practical Magic

-A Disney Princess

Image by Arleth Contreras disney and beauty and the beast image

-A Holiday

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image witch, aesthetic, and art image autumn, Halloween, and fall image autumn, decoration, and fall image

-A Fantasy Creature

mermaid, sea, and water image Image by Maddy
A Mermaid

-A Crystal

air, answers, and beauty image earrings, studs, and opal image
Blue Fire Opal

-An activity

book, coffee, and study image academic, thesis, and writers image

-A Place

purple and flowers image cat, aesthetic, and animal image equestrian, horse, and adventure image field, flores, and flowers image
A meadow

-A Song

Say Anything - Tristan Pettyman

-A Fruit

banana, food, and fruit image bananas, food, and fruit image

-A Feeling

90s, perfect, and love image selena gomez and selena image
I would be amusement

-A Make-up Item

liquid eyeliner image makeup, beauty, and glitter image
Liquid eyeliner

-A Food

delicious image food, pasta, and spaghetti image food, pasta, and yummy image food, noodles, and vegetables image
I would be pasta

-A Deadly Sin

aesthetic, background, and character image
Unfortunately, I would be Envy


monsoon image
Warm rain

-Natural Phenomenon

sun, moon, and eclipse image
An eclipse


food, brownies, and chocolate image
Warm brownie

-A Language

frases, extrañar, and quotes image

-A Pixar Character

disney, incredibles, and pixar image disney, incredibles, and pixar image disney, funny, and meme image disney, pixar, and The Incredibles image
Violet from The Incredibles

-A Car

baby blue, beetle, and car image
A VW Beetle

-A Movie Line

Practical Magic, quote, and love image
The last line from Practical Magic

-A Sound

beauty, casual, and style image
I would be laughter

-A City

Image by ꧁𓇊 𝕲𝖆𝖎𝖆𝖌𝖆𝖑𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖆 𓇚꧂ beach, nature, and sun image california, san francisco, and house image city, travel, and house image
San Francisco

-A Tattoo

aesthetic, Erin Hanson, and followers image
Poetry ink

-A Quote

character, quote, and story image
I don't like Joss Whedon, but I love this quote

-A Superpower

The power to heal people

-A Planet

saturn image

-A Goddess

aesthetic, edit, and eos image
I would be Eos, Goddess of the dawn

-A Word

alternative, beautiful, and Dream image

-A View

nature, landscape, and field image
Beautiful English countryside

-A Celebrity

celebrity, happiness, and haley lu richardson image entertaintment image zoey deutch image zoey deutch image
Zoey Deutch

-A Hero

Avengers, fashion, and goddess image
Black Widow

-A House

dream house, house, and trees image architecture, boho, and buildings image
Southern plantation farmhouse


Angel Wings, angels, and beauty image
Like a butterfly

Random, but it was fun to do! L x