before letting go, I want to love you correctly

the girl from the past

she will forever haunt me. she will forever make me doubt. if you didn't like me, you could have just kept it at that. why did you have to tell me you loved her? why would you explain how much it hurt you? why would you make me listen to songs and then tell me they reminded you of her? bro I was so deeply in love with you. I know it has been three years since that. I know and can tell that you have matured a lot, but every time we talk about the past or our beginning or songs about first loves.. this is so painful.

I remember when I made you listen to this, and I knew it reminded you of her. and when I asked you if it did, you said ´yes when he mentioned first love´....

the idea of her - ali gatie

girl, art, and aesthetic image couple, shadow, and love image
someone you love, loving someone else

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