What if I kissed you?
What if I didn't mean a word I said?
What if I told what I feel?
What if I look at you and not lie, for once about my feelings?
Would the world listen?
Would they judge?
Would they hold onto me?
Would they tell me I'm not a burden?
So many questions I'm afraid to ask.
Too little time to live.
It's like I'm scared to take a walk, because I might trip and get a scratch, or two.
But I know that bit by bit, I get to step over that obstacle, and not look back at it
Only that I will laugh about it, reminiscing about thinking that my knees wouldn't be able to lay hold of these eggshells
I know that life, needs to be chased, and not taken for granted,
And my eyes are yearning for a sight seeing around the world
And my heart, begs for a voyage to space.