well, hello!
i'm back with a little article for you to know a little more about me <3
a – animal i love
deer, forest, and nature image deer and aesthetic image
b – best feature
flowers and white image aesthetic, coffee, and cafe image
i know how to listen
c – color i like
cherry, fruit, and food image Image by 𝘮𝘪𝘤𝘤𝘪𝘢
d – dream of mine
aesthetic, green, and sunglasses image book, flowers, and city image
publish a book
e – element i connect with
candle, grunge, and fire image feed, theme, and roleplay image
f – favorite tv show
Marvel, skye, and quake image fitzsimmons, agents of shield, and elizabeth henstridge image
agents of shield
g – great achievement
aesthetic, art, and theme image hands, aesthetic, and sky image
keep breathing
h – height
black, savage, and aesthetic image aesthetic, boots, and grunge image
169 cm
i – in love with
icon, icons, and korean image boys, Dream, and kpop image eric nam image icon, lq, and soft image
them <3 ((jungkook, haechan, mark, eric, younghyun))
j – job of my dreams
Image by Rajvi book, vintage, and bookshop image
k – kids i want
crib, pink, and baby image toy, white, and aesthetic image
none, i don't really like kids
l – languages i speak
aesthetic, planning, and inspiration image study, tumbler, and cooffe image
spanish, catalan, english and basic french
m – magical powers i want
фотография and искусство фотографий image wallpaper and lock screen image
n – number of siblings
best friends, boys, and friendship image theme, yellow, and friends image
a little brother
o – one favorite song
brian, blonde hair, and day6 image blonde hair, day6, and youngk image
hunt by day6
p – personality
aesthetic, gold, and infp image girl, aesthetic, and dress image
infp, shy, smiling, clumsy
q – quote i live by
flowers, pink, and tulips image quotes and love image
i don't have one
r – reasons to smile
every pic in this collection<3 exo mean everything to me
s – style
elegant and jeans image fashion, style, and colors image
kinda basic but comfy
t – time i wake up
grunge, aesthetic, and black image alarm, clock, and bedroom must haves image
wake up at 6:45 am because of school
u – underrated feature
aesthetic, pink, and soft image aesthetic, pink, and soft image
i can easily make my friends feel better when they are sad
v – vacation place
aesthetic, architecture, and art image architecture, building, and interior image
vienna, austria
w – worst habit
cherry, lips, and aesthetic image summer, faded, and pink image
constantly bite my lips
x – x-rays i had
aesthetic, dark, and edgy image butterfly, aesthetic, and black image
head, ear and teeth
y – your comfort movie
Marvel, winter soldier, and bucky barnes image harry potter, ron weasley, and friends image
captain america: winter soldier, all harry potter movies
z – zodiac sign
cafe, coffee, and drink image fashion, casual, and style image

–––––––––––– 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗲𝗻𝗱 !