We write what we know, what we have experienced, what we think is unknown to others, what we want them to understand, we write about a metaphor which we think to be invented by us, but actually, it’s a discovery. How many of us compare beauty to the moon? The sadness to the pouring rain?

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Some write Fantasy, romanticising the idea of dying or a way of living, walking through the realms of impossible things. Some write about the ideas of the could be dystopian future while becoming a seer in our passage of time. Some write Fantasy in the genre of an apocalypse, some write about the ruins war left behind. Some write an escape, you become the traveller to their landscapes, some write about the unsaid truth – the one we are not ready to accept. Some white lies, the ones we want to believe.

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Some write autobiographies, the only known way to immortalise a soul; so that it could forever remind us of a being that walked amongst us. Some write about humour, enticing you to laugh your heart out, spreading joy with every penned down word. Some write about inspiration, giving you a driving force to achieve your goals. Some write about relationships & mental health guiding you to the whims of better communication, healthy boundaries and stepping away from toxic relationships. There are days when I owe my fair share of happiness to R.H sin.

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Some writers engrave their imagination in pieces of papers, papers that become our world. Wizarding world? Disney World? Marvel Cinematic Universe? Game of Thrones? They hold the power to make us stand in lines for hours, to have us dress up and go to comic cons to get a glimpse of our beloved personified characters. Some write scripts, screenplays, plays, that people still gather centuries after to watch and perform. The greatest ability is of an author – the ability to make people feel without ever touching them, to make people see pillars, country-sides, flowerbeds, the hail in the cloud, the feelings of an apple when it’s being bitten into, without ever even letting them step out of the house.

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Some writers write about horror, trauma, fear– you’d feel a chill running down your spine, I for once constantly check my surroundings for the signs of ghosts.
Some write songs, we hum endlessly for days. Some write poems, a few words in which we see the reflection of the lives we have led.
Some wrote our scriptures which became our holy books, some wrote books that became our religion. some wrote bhajans that made us feel connected between us and the god. Some wrote God, the description, the appearance. Would we have truly known our God without the writings?

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Some wrote ideas that became our human rights. Some wrote coordinates that became the borders of countries. Some wrote numbers that became our currency.
Some wrote words inscribed on jail walls, some wrote hate speech, some wrote so the world gains knowledge – Medicine, Engineering, Music, Phycology. We speak today because somebody once wrote the language, we think today because somebody wrote logic.
Some wrote to unlearn, to forget. Some wrote to their families from far away, assuring them of their well-being. Some wrote letters – love letters, covered in fragrances and dry flowers.

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So, when you ask me why I write? It’s because I can. Our world runs on writings – our documents, our mark sheets, our check-books, our ATM pins, our laptops, our phones – every technology we are surrounded by, it’s written in code.
To think of it, I am writing, my DNA is written, the very fragment of our living exists because someone wrote something somewhere. Before I was born, it was written how to conceive me, a doctor delivered me because of learning from writings. That’s how I came into the world. After my birth, someone wrote a name, a date and a place which became the proof of my existence on a certificate. My whole life I have spent on papers – giving exams, learning things from books. After I die, my earning will be written away in a will. Our existence is every second dependent upon writings, to exist is to be already written and to write is to live my existence.

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