Not even 10 seconds later likes came pouring. After two minutes of constant dinging, you could tell she was getting annoyed. Finally, she opened her Taylorheart butterfly to put the app on silence. As she opened the app her eyes light up like Christmas lights. “LOOK AT ALL THE COMMENTS.” she screeched so loud her mom called up to check if we were ok. “Were fine mom!” she called down. “I have to check!” she turns back to me. “So, what about the comments?” I asked. She turned her phone to me. “They are all over you!” Opening my Taylorheart app I sped my way to the post. Looking at the comments boosted myself esteem. “I like this one” I said pointing at one. “Her hair is nice?” she looked at me. “Really?”


“ok then.”

She turned her head back to the comments and after a few seconds she panicked and closed her phone and hologram.

“What's wrong?” I asked

She got up to get something from her drawer. “Nothing”

6th flag.