Here's part 2. I hope you are finding these useful <3

1. Broken girls evolve into unstoppable women

2. Be too busy working on your grass that you forget to notice if theirs is greener

3. She is some magic, some chaos and a bit of poetry

4. Hearing your heels click on the floor sounds like power

5. Women are no longer meant to sit still and look pretty. They are meant to lead empires

6. Because I fucking sparkle, that’s why

7. I knew what I wanted, I went out and got it, did all the things that you said that I wouldn’t

8. There is nothing prettier in the whole wide world than a girl in love with every breath she takes

9. Me vs me is the only competition I’m interested in

10. Hellfire and holy water

11. “He licked his lips. ‘Well, if you want my opinion-’
‘I don’t,’ she said. ‘I have my own.’”