if i were on a picnic date

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i would go for a white flowy dress with a hat to cover my face from the sun.

if i went on a night out with friends

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depends where we're going. either a classic black dress or a simple outfit.

if i go to meet my crush on a library

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i would wear a set outfit in order to avoid overthinking about what i would wear.

if i was invited to a wedding

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red or pink dress

if i went shopping

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i would wear a simple outfit. i like to try on clothes, so it would be more convenient to bring a comfy outfit.

if i was going to the movies

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same with shopping, i would opt for comfort.

if i have school

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i would wear outfits that scream smart and academic.

if i wanted to be comfy, but cute

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i would go for soft/pastel colors. maybe a set or coat that would go over a basic outfit.

if i were to go on a concert

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i would wear a top/hoodie merch paired with a skirt or jeans.

if i were to spend a day in

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either sweatpants or biker shorts

if i was invited to a red carpet event

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a very expensive dress for sure
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