name: danielle "danie" stilinski

girl image dirt, feet, and forest image Image by Ronnie_V22V hair, girl, and braid image

born december 17th, 1991


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beta werewolf (turned by derek)


tan, collarbone, and girl image eyes image aesthetic, eyes, and love image back, body, and bra image

5'3", 110 lbs, fair skin, hazel eyes, & brown hair


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noah stilinski (father)

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her hero: danie has always looked up to noah as both a cop & a father

claudia stilinski (mother) †

teen wolf, sheriff stilinski, and noah stilinski image brain, doctor, and doctors image Image by Private User teen wolf, sheriff stilinski, and noah stilinski image
her guardian angel: danie likes to believe that claudia has been watching over her since she passed away

stiles stilinski (brother)

teen wolf, tw, and dylan o'brien image crime, riverdale, and betty cooper image teen wolf, jeep, and stiles image black, converse, and sneakers image
her best friend: at the end of the day, danie & stiles couldn't live without each other

closest friends:

allison argent

screencap, screencaps, and crystal reed image landscape and travel image arrow, aesthetic, and archery image Image by Private User
her protector: allison would do anything to keep danie safe (the feeling is mutual)

liam dunbar

blue eyes, body, and hair image girls, stick, and girls lacrosse image wow, beautiful, and peace image dylan sprayberry, liam dunbar, and 09 image
her "son": danie has basically taken liam in as her own

cora hale

adelaide kane image captain america, steve rodgers, and mcu image aesthetic, clothes, and fashion image aesthetic, middle finger, and fuck image
her "sister": cora became the sister that danie always wanted

isaac lahey

teen wolf, gif, and isaac lahey image colin morgan, eye, and merlin image otoño image boy, bed, and back image
her soft spot: danie has always felt the need to protect isaac more than the others due to his traumatic childhood

lydia martin

holland roden, teen wolf, and lydia martin image teen wolf, tree, and lydia martin image motivation, nerd, and school image azul, bag, and blue image
her platonic soulmate: danie & lydia understand each other in a way that no one else does

scott mccall

screencaps, scott mccall, and teen wolf image teen wolf, beacon hills, and animal clinic image aesthetic, alternative, and stickers image beautiful, lacrosse, and thebest image
her family: scott is the second brother that danie never wanted (stiles is enough to deal with), but is glad she has

theo raeken

teen wolf, theo raeken, and cody christian image vampire image funny and text image car, rain, and travel image
her unlikely ally: despite theo's past with the pack, he has always respected danie & she convinced the pack to give him a second chance

malia tate

teen wolf, malia tate, and shelley hennig image feet, nature, and roots image girl, travel, and car image aesthetic, bambi, and carefree image
her partner in crime: danie & malia love pranking the other pack members

kira yukimura

Image by itspuchita vintage, light, and 123564 image asian, katana, and traditional image girl, aesthetic, and shadow image
her voice of reason: danie always goes to kira when she needs someone to calm her down

love interest:

derek hale

teen wolf, derek hale, and tw image teen wolf, alpha, and beta image teen wolf, derek hale, and aesthetic image forest, tree, and nature image
her mate: when derek turned danie it was clear that she was more than just his beta



Inspiring Image on We Heart It animal, plants, and cute image cat, animal, and black cat image cat, cute, and black image
after a considerable amount of begging on danie's end, derek finally agreed to getting a cat