“So where do we begin?” I asked walking into Vanesa's room. We had spent the last hour at the store getting candy and treats. “Well let's start by getting the beds ready!” She said as she jumped to her closet. She had 3 beds and a very large closet. It took less than 5 minutes to Take out one of the spare beds and set it up next to hers. Sprawled out on the second bed, we opened a bag of lollipops. Pulling out two and displaying them before me. “Red or blue?” I looked at the two lollipops carefully. “RED!” she handed me the red. With her mouth slowly turning blue from her lollipop she sucked the tip of it. “And like that pop!” Her hand reached for her photo ball. “I got an idea.” She pulled out her Taylorheart butterfly. “Snap me a pic to post!” sighing I picked up the ball and clicked the pink dot on the side. Tossing the ball into the air. A bright light showered the room. The ball then fell and Vanessa's wrist displayed a hologram of the photo that was taken. Her lips stuck out the most. Like always. Looking at the photo she was looking for a way to post it without looking like a whore. “Can you crop it?” she said extending her wrist. Looking at the hologram I cropped me out of the photo and focused on her eyes. Taking her wrist back she took one look at the photo and frowned. “Why did you crop yourself?” I looked at her like she was crazy. “I don’t like being in photos.” I calmly stated. She gave me a look. “Well, that...” she picked up the photo ball and tossed it up into the air. “Is going to change!”