This tag was inspired by:

❀ Nymphadora Tonks or Cedric Diggory? ❀

harry potter, cedric diggory, and robert pattinson image harry potter, hogwarts, and cedric diggory image

❀ Bumblebees buzzing or Windchimes? ❀

animal, animals, and art image aesthetic, art, and bee image
Bumblebees buzzing

❀ Watching the sunrise or Finishing a painting? ❀

sky, clouds, and yellow image girl, sun, and hair image
Watching the sunrise

❀ Fresh Butterbeer or Woolen Socks? ❀

harry potter, hogwarts, and harrypotter image harry potter, butterbeer, and drink image
Fresh Butterbeer

❀ Newt Scamander or Teddy Lupin? ❀

newt scamander, fantastic beasts, and eddie redmayne image harry potter image
Newt Scamander

❀ Yellow or Black? ❀

aesthetic, black, and dark image aesthetic, black, and crow image

❀ Mushrooms or Dried flowers? ❀

flowers, rose, and grunge image dead, roses, and black image
Dried flowers

❀ Flower crown or Hair scarf? ❀

dark, grunge, and hair image flowers, girl, and hair image
Flower crown

❀ Patience or Loyalty? ❀

aesthetic, beautiful, and inspiration image positivity, quotes, and reminder image

❀ Herbology or Care of magical creatures? ❀

harry potter, hogwarts, and creatures image harry potter, hogwarts, and magic image
Care of magical creatures

❀ Walking barefoot or Twirling in the sun? ❀

fashion, dress, and style image beautiful, aesthetics aesthetic, and forest image