hey y'all idk about you but it's getting so hot here & it's making me so excited for summer. with that being said, i'm 100% still on my winter weight lol so i'm on a major glow-up journey.

here's what i've been doing & i hope that y'all might find some inspo/ motivation.

#1 bullet journaling

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journaling really helps me keep track of my dieting, water intake, and workouts

#2 eating vegan

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it's actually been so much easier than i expected!!

#3 working out

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here's the 2 workouts i've been doing consistently :)

#4 self-tanning

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being pale is something i'm personally very insecure about so i've been doing some light tanning & soaking up some sun

#5 keeping my dorm clean

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when my space is clean i feel a lot more motivated to get things done and stay on track

#6 getting my school work done early

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i'm really trying to keep my grades up for the end of the semester

#7 doing my skin routine consistently

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i've been using renee rouleau's aloe milk cleanser & soothing toner!

#8 getting my summer clothes ready

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i'm super obsessed with pastels & bright colors right now

#9 listening to more upbeat music

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maybe i'll make an article of my recent summer playlist

i hope y'all enjoyed!! please check out my other articles if you enjoyed & have a great rest of your day <333