1. What time do you wake up?

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5:00 A.M.

2. How do you start off the morning?

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I start off reading bible verses and praying on my knees. I drink a glass of water to help wake up.
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I lay out my clothes nicely and my silk robe and hop in the shower.
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I come out of the shower put leave in conditioner in my hair and wrap it in a turban. I brush my hair with a wet brush; mine is pink. I blow-dry my hair with a round brush.
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I do my makeup natural with concealer, Laura Mercier foundation and buxom lip gloss in Jennifer. I apply Lancome waterproof mascara.
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I get my Fendi purse and take a travel sized mascara, my Buxom lipgloss and setting powder. I also take oil sheets for my face to help absorb the shine for TV.
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I make sure to always get a coffee from Starbucks; my favorite is The White Chocolate Mocha.

3. When you arrive to the news station, what do you do?

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research stories and jot down interview questions. Meet with the news team to assign stories to each reporter. Write my TV scripts.
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Get my camera equipment and microphone
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I set up an interview and get in the news car to go live for my story and interview someone

4. What do you do out in the field?

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I'm either interviewing or getting ready for going live. I look over my tv script I wrote out before and make sure I know the story so I can talk to the camera.

5. What do you do when you come back to the station?

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Edit my video on Adobe Premiere Pro to get ready for the show.
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I make sure to touch up my makeup, in the makeup room.

6. What do you do when breaking news happens?

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My cameraman and I get in the news van and get our equipment. We arrive to the scene as fast as we can. Most of the time other reporters from different news stations are there, covering the same story.

7. What do you wear when on camera?

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You want to dress up for news, which is my favorite part. I love dressing up and wearing dresses, a flowy skirt or nice slacks. You'll want to invest in quality clothing. I have a clothing allowance from my news internship to spend money on good clothes. In the field I wear heels or take an extra pair of flats with me because I run around a lot going to different locations.

8. Are you ever news anchor?

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Yes, depending on the day.

9. When do you get home?

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It depends. News anchors/reporters work long hours. But when I get home, I take my heels off and read a magazine to relax.

10. What do you do when you're home?

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I'll make lemon water to unwind and remove toxins from my body. it also speeds up your metabolism.
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I take a bubble bath and read a fashion magazine.
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I catch up on sleep, for an hour. I wake up, stretch and head to the gym.
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I get in the shower
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After the shower I put leave in conditioner in and wrap my hair in a turban. I put on my pink silk robe and do my skincare routine.
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I chat with my friend over the phone
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I'll make a strawberry banana smoothie and research story ideas for the next day.

Thank you for reading!

I'll have my skincare routine soon!