Hey everyone ! I'm back today for another article on Spring season :). Specifically, my spring morning routine which I try to stick to as much as possible. Here we go !

  • Waking up around 8 or 9 am
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That will depend on wether i've had my 8 hours of sleep, if i'm brave enough to wake up early or if i've decided to be productive and do a lot of things in my day.

  • Check up my notifications on my phone
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Terrible habit to check your phone before getting up but i do it anyway... oops.

  • Get up, strech and open my shutters
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I drink a glass of water after getting up to turn my body's functions on and i usually leave my window open to get some fresh air inside my bedroom.

  • Scroll through social media while getting breakfast
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Having breakfast is one the most important things in my routine and i could never skip it... ever. Also, if the weather is nice in the morning, i'll take my breakfast outside.

  • Brush my teeth and skincare
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Having a good day means taking care of yourself in the morning, so get yourself a skincare routine which will make your day a success :).

  • Get dressed with music on
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Putting music on will lift your mood up instantly and will put a smile on your face the second you hear your favorite song blasting through your speaker.

  • Make my bed and clean my room
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My room is usually messy so whenever i can clean it up a little, i do it. Also, making your bed in the morning is a small accomplishement which feels good when you start your day ;).

  • Organize my day, make a to do list, etc...
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I like to plan what my activities will be for the day so that i can stay focused on what needs to be done but also, get some time to do things i love like writing, listening to music, baking,... .

Done ! Hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading !
Enjoy Spring !

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