Hey there! I thought about starting to collect some quotes/lyrics/words in general that could be used as Ig captions or used in your stories or however you want and I thought of sharing them with you. I’ll start with the “Powerful babe edition” , which will be, for now, divided in three parts. I hope you find all these words useful <3

1. Tell these girls they don’t need men to feel like women

2. Wake up, woman! You’re not a princess, you’re a dragon!

3. Sometimes an angel, sometimes a hell raiser. Always a strong woman

4. Never fuck with someone who is not afraid to be alone. You will lose every single time

5. I’m unbothered and that’s what bothers people

6. A heart that you can’t buy

7. In a world that profits from your insecurity, loving yourself is a rebellious act

8. There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise

9. “Don’t be afraid.
Be focused.
Be determined.
Be hopeful.
Be empowered.”

10. I’m the whole damn cake and the cherry on top

11. Every woman is a walking goddess

12. You are gold, baby. Solid gold.

13. Never trade respect for attention

Powerful, self love, and women power image