Hello! meet my friend his name is skunky I have more teddy friends I will maybe show another one tomorrow this is how we meet so I was walking and I went to play with my friend and her dad found a lot of teddy bears and I saw him :o and I was like I need him now <3 and I asked my friend if I could borrow him for a couple of days... she and sure and I actually kept him: cus he was all nasty and my mom washed it for me and his tail was hard I kept petting him and then his tail for some reason turned so soft and he was with me since I was 4 lol and now I'm like 10 and he is my friend <3 maybe send me a pic of your friend on Pinterest follow me Angela Luna Rios or on google hangouts, u can only friend me on google hangouts if you go to a cms school or u can follow me on lifesize here my number add me to chat with me 8332498 and his name skunky cus his a skunk but no matter I will still love him :D