We all have concerns when it comes to our skin. They can be anything from skin that is too oily, acne prone, has blackheads, etc. But, at the end of the day we all want one common element: flawless, porcelain skin. This means, resolving all of our skin woes, especially enlarged pores.

Enlarged pores are caused by lack of a complete skincare routine. Just washing your face every night, followed by a moisturizer cream is not a complete skincare routine. The problem is that many people think it is -- which is why so many have large pores.

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After searching for complete skincare routines that would solve my large pore dilemma, I came across the Korean skincare routine. At first glance, I thought it was a lengthy process to do every night. But, I also saw many ‘before and after’ pictures of people who had adopted this particular routine, and I was amazed! After picking my jaw off the floor, I decided I was going to try this miracle routine. After all, my face deserves the best!

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After trying it for just two weeks, I saw a huge difference in the size of my pores. My face also felt so incredibly hydrated, and had a pretty awesome glow. After a month, my face looked so silky smooth. No more rough texture. No more visible pores. People would ask me if I was wearing airbrushed makeup! After that, I was 100% sold on the Korean skincare routine.

It didn’t take long to incorporate this routine nightly. It was actually very easy and quick to do. The only modification I did was for the sheet mask. Since you have to basically pause and leave that on your face for a specific amount of time, I decided to just use one twice a week, versus daily.

If you’re looking for an effective and easy solution to your pesky pores, the Korean skincare routine is definitely a must try.

Here’s how it goes…

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1. Oil-Based Cleanser
Apply an oil-based cleanser to your dry face. Massage the cleanser into your skin. It will remove all the oil based impurities such as makeup, dirt, etc. Add warm water to rinse off. You may also use a bamboo cleansing cloth to remove the oil.

2. Water-Based Cleansing
Now use a water-based cleanser to dampen skin. Massage and rinse off. You must do this 2-step cleansing (oil based and water based), in order to guarantee that all impurities are washed off.

3. Exfoliator
Use a chemical exfoliator such as AHA (glycolic or lactic acid) or BHAs (salicylic acid). AHAs are water-soluble, and BHAs are oil soluble. They will help you clean out pores and remove dead skin cells. This will also help your skincare products absorb better into your skin. NOTE: This particular step in the routine should only be carried out 1-2 times per week. If you have very sensitive skin, do 1-2 times a month.


4. Toner
Apply a toner to your skin using a cotton pad. Toners remove any leftover residue that your cleanser may have missed. It helps to repair your skin’s barrier and enable your skin’s potential to absorb all products you apply after. Toners will also help you balance your pH levels.

5. Essence
Put some essence into your palms, and pat gently on your face. Essences will help you hydrate the skin. Essences contain yeast, causing an antioxidant function. This reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen and elastin production.


6. Treatments
For the treatment phase, you’ll apply serums or ampoules. These types of products target specific concerns such as fine lines, dehydration, or hyper-pigmentation. They are highly concentrated, therefore you’ll see fast results.

7. Sheetmask
Sheet masks are cloth masks soaked in serum which you leave on for 15 to 45 minutes (depending on the mask). This will intensely moisturize your skin.

8. Eye Cream
Tap some eye cream around the orbital bone of your eye. This will help hydrate the skin under the eye, and prevent dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.


9. Moisturizer
In the morning, you should put on a hydrating cream or gel. At night, use a sleeping pack. ‘Sleeping pack’ is a cream that is meant for night time use. These types of creams are loaded with intense hydrating benefits.

10. Sun Protection
Apply SPF every day in order to protect your skin from UV rays.

It may seem like a long routine, but the benefits and results are worth it. Stay faithful to this specific routine to witness a transformation like no other. To put it in basic terms, you won’t even think of putting on makeup or using photo filters, because you will look amazing!