Depending on where you live, you may be in the last stretches of winter. But as March moves along, we’re starting to dream about spring. This means anxiously awaiting for the days of storing all of our heavy coats, knit hats, and winter boots away!

Most of all we’re also ready to press the ‘declutter’ button in our homes, AKA “spring cleaning.” One of the areas that gets the messiest during the winter are bedrooms. We have to wear twice (sometimes even three times) the amount of clothing, wear shoes that take up more room in our closets, and sleep with even more blankets to shield us from that wicked winter chill. Plus, the extra time at home during the pandemic means a bedroom might also be an office, gym, or creative space.

Let’s start prepping for a new season, and bring our winter messes to an end with these spring cleaning hacks! Your bedroom will go from bottomless winter pit, to relaxation sanctuary!

Baskets as Shelves for Small Item Storage

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We all have small and random items lying around our rooms. It’s tough to find exclusive homes for them, making us prisoners to messy patches throughout our bedroom. These small items are usually items we use frequently, so we have easy access to them. Grab a set of matching baskets, purchase shelving hardware, and place all baskets on the shelves. This keeps all your small belongings organized, and with easy and quick access.

Drawer Divider Boxes

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Time and drawers don’t mesh. We always start organized, and then as time passes by we keep throwing things in, without attention to detail. Eventually, a drawer that started with 12 items, ends up with 50 items, and barely closes because it’s at capacity. Queue in divider boxes. You can arrange them any way you’d like. They come in many different sizes. The trick is to divide your entire drawer into sections. Don’t leave any empty spaces. If you do, that just leaves room for a mess to brew up.

Hang Your Boots

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If you’re sick of seeing your boots slouch and fall over in your closet, you’re not alone. Not only is it annoying to constantly see them fall over, but we also want our boots to keep their shape. Solve two things at once by hanging all your boots on pant hangers. Make sure they are the clip hangers. Bring the clips close together, and place a clip on both sides of the boot. You can put a cotton swab under the clip so it doesn’t leave a mark on your boot. Just like that, you’ll keep your boots’ form, and get them all off your closet floor!

Decorative Basket for Throw Pillows and Blankets

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Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow? There’s nothing prettier than a bed full of beautifully coordinated throw pillows and a blanket to accent your bed. But, then night time comes and you have to take them all down to get into bed and sleep. Most of us just toss them all to the floor. Instead, get yourself a large decorative wicker basket, and place all your throw pillows and blankets in there. That way, they’re out of your way at night, but also look good and organized while you sleep :) No more waking up to a pillow mess on your floor!

Bedside Caddy

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Let’s give your nightstand a break. No more burying it under a pile of books, magazines, headphones, pens, tablet, Kindle, etc. Instead, purchase a bed caddy to organize all your nightly reading goodies.

Storage Cube as a Nightstand

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For those that are all about aesthetics, but are also seeking organization, switch out your nightstand for a storage cube. Place cute baskets, boxes, and vases inside and store your items in there instead. A decorative solution to your mess!

Plastic Cases For Shoe Storage

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If you have the room for shelving in your closet, or anywhere in your room, purchase plastic shoe containers to store all your shoes by categories. Grab a metallic marker, and label them according to category (i.e. sandals, boots, booties, heels, etc).

Haircare Station Storage

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There is nothing your vanity sees more on a daily basis than hair products, and hair styling tools. We need to have options to look great, am I right?! We leave, go about our day, and return to what looks like a hair convention on your vanity. Get a mesh or plastic shoe hanger to go over your door. Place your daily hair essentials inside individual compartments. You’ll never have a mess on your vanity, plus you’ll never wonder where your favorite curling iron went.

NOTE: Don’t place hot or warm hair styling tools inside your mesh/plastic hanger. Make sure they are completely cool before you store them to avoid melting.