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I love doing tags, and so I went searching for music-related ones. I found this one, and I loved it:

33 music questions tag

The first album you bought

album, idol, and punk image 00s, album, and album cover image
The first album I bought with my own money was a record of American Idiot by Green Day

Your favourite song as a child

miley cyrus and hannah montana image hannah montana and miley cyrus image
I loved all of Hannah's songs but my favourite was Nobody's Perfect

Your favourite childish song

disney and mulan image captain, disney, and li shang image
I'll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan

The album of your teenage years

boys, liam payne, and zayn image black veil brides image
I'm still a teen so I'll take this as the album from my pre-teen years. I need to say two: Midnight Memories by One Direction and Wretched and Divine by Black Veil Brides

The album that never leaves you

Image by Stuff Trash ๐Ÿ–ค band, kiss, and nick martin image
Let's Cheer to This by Sleeping With Sirens

Your last musical slap

frank iero and my chemical romance image Image by gia/geo
Lately, Joyriding is been playing so much. It speaks to my soul

The song that calms you

james bay image bay, james, and james bay image
Us by James Bay

The song that is always stuck in your head

guitar, smile, and hozier image profile, snl, and hozier image
Lately, it's Cherry Wine by Hozier

The song that best represents you

black and white, Black Sabbath, and rock image Black Sabbath and classic rock image
Wicked World by Black Sabbath

The song that reminds you of a friend

alternative, indie, and indie rock image aesthetic, fashion, and indie image
Freaking out the neighbourhood by Mac DeMarco

The song that makes you want to play music

5sos, luke hemmings, and michael clifford image five seconds of summer, 5sos, and calum hood image
Gotta Get Out by 5 Seconds of Summer

The song that makes you hopeful

disco, panic, and a lot of places image funny and panic at the disco image
New Prespective by Panic! At The Disco

The song you list to when you're angry

aesthetic, icons, and rock image aesthetic, band, and guitar image
Die MF Die by DOPE

The song that makes you cry

bmth, bring me the horizon, and oli sykes image bring me the horizon and Lyrics image
Drown by Bring Me The Horizon

The song you're listening to all the time

grunge, city, and night image aesthetic, artsy, and fashion image
Godzilla by With Confidence

The song that makes you want to dance

hippies, hippy, and rob zombie image rob zombie image
Superbeast by Rob Zombie

The song you love but rarely listen to

altj edshearan music cool image festival, gig, and vinyl image
Nara by alt-j

A song to drive to

alex turner, arctic monkeys, and indie image 505, arctic monkeys, and indie image
505 by Arctic Monkeys

The song you wish more people knew

couple, love, and aesthetic image love, couple, and friends image
A Cry 4 Love by David Fonseca

The first song alphabetically on your phone

billie joe armstrong, green day, and punk rock image billie joe armstrong, green day, and punk rock image
On Spotify, it is 1000 Hours by Green Day

The last song alphabetically on your phone

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, dark, and grunge image
Zzyzx Rd. by Stone Sour

One of your favourite classical songs

library, book, and dark academia image music, aesthetic, and vintage image
The Water Goblin, Op. 107

A song you know every word to

Image by vesta band, group, and mask image
Custer by Slipknot

The artist with whom you'd like to colaborate

boys, paradise city, and Piercings image Image by Rabab
Andy Black

The song to send to the aliens

alt girl, black, and fashion image jennie, jennie kim, and jennie kim icons image

A song you wish was on the radio

gerard way, mcr, and my chemical romance image emo, gerard way, and my chemical romance image
Baby You're An Haunted House by Gerard Way

The song to listen to at a party

2000s, alternative, and black and white image 00s, blink182, and punk image
All The Small Things by blink-182

The song you would have liked to have made

emo, otto wood, and waterparks image 2020, blue, and sunflower image
Watch What Happens Next by Waterparks

The best song to start a festive dance

yungblud image yungblud image
Loner by Yungblud

The song you want to be played at your wedding

library, book, and aesthetic image harry potter image
Hedwig's Theme

A song that you have danced to with your best friend

grunge, boy, and dark image alex turner, the last shadow puppets, and tlsp image
Cornerstone by Arctic Monkeys

A song from the year you were born

Image by P a m e Image by Private User
What Ever Happened? by The Strokes

A song you'd like to play at your funeral

music, band, and Queen image 80s, music, and band image
In The Lap Of The Gods by Queen

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