hello and welcome to my tag!

1. fav song from Up All Night

vintage, boy, and hipster image onedirection image
One Thing

2. fav song from Take Me Home

friends and lake image love, one direction, and little things image
Heart Attack

3. fav Midnight Memories song?

camera, midnight memories, and photography image rain, love, and couple image

4. fav song from Four?

travel, world, and map image one direction, Harry Styles, and niall horan image
Ready to Run

5. fav Made In The AM song?

Image by Private User beautiful, bed, and bedroom image

6. Fav solo Harry song?

couple, shadow, and love image Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image
sweet creature

7. fav solo Zayn song?

malik, z3, and zayn image zayn malik image

( I don't listen to the rest of them... sorry )

Also, I'm skipping a lot of questions.

8. Fav music video?

hot guys, niall horan, and zayn image ice, ice skating, and skating image
night changes

9. which song got you into one direction?

one direction, best song ever, and 1d image indie image
Best Song Over

10. Fav year?

airport and travel image car, vintage, and radio image

sorry I skipped so many of the questions. I just couldn't seem to answer them all.