LD GAMES (Hasta la vista)
The first film about the terminator was released back in 1984. In those years, the gaming industry still remembered the enchanting failure of ET the Extra-Terrestrial, so well-known studios were in no hurry to create game adaptations of blockbusters.

So the first game about the terminator on PC had to wait for 7 years. Only in 1991, Bethesda released the action game The Terminator (Hasta la vista), which was remembered not only for its rather driving gameplay and plot based on the first film in the franchise but also for its meticulous recreation of downtown Los Angeles on the screen.

T2: Terminator 2 Judgment Day
It is interesting that in the same year the first game based on the film “Terminator 2” appeared, namely the action-arcade T2: Terminator 2 Judgment Day, released on 8-bit consoles. Most gamers remember it mainly due to the fact that it encouraged shooting at the feet of human opponents instead of killing them (as in the film, John Connor asked about this at some point).
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