They say to let your hair loose and be free, but there are far too many beautiful hairstyles to do that. Plain Jane hair can wait. This spring and summer is all about showing off your locks with dreamy, romantic braids and buns!

One of the most popular trends in hairstyles this upcoming season will be bubble braids! Think the aesthetic of a fishtail braid, but more detailed, and with more texture. The exciting part about the bubble braid is there are various ways to make them. They can be done as a ponytail, side braid, double, in buns, the options are endless. This particular style is the perfect mesh between beachy and romantic. It’s guaranteed to be your absolute favorite choice when getting ready in the spring and summer.

Get your hair ties, and hair combs ready, it’s time to get a major hair glow up! Learn how to master each of these hairstyles below!

Bubble Braid

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This look is perfect for a day at the beach. It’ll keep all your hair out of your face, and keep you cool too! Finish the look off with hoop earrings to give you boho appeal. Learn how to do the bubble braid here.

Double Braided Bun

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Ready to hit the gym? So is the double-braided bun! Keep all your hair in check, with this femme twist to boxer braids. Learn how to do the double-braided bun here.

Double Back Buns

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If you’re a hat lover, you just found your go-to hairstyle for spring and summer! These double-back buns sit low enough to give you enough flat space on your head, thus making the best setting for a good summer hat! Learn how to do double-back buns here.

Double Bubble Braids

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What is better than one bubble braid? Two bubble braids! This is also a great choice for hats, especially bigger beach hats. Learn how to do the double-bubble braids here.

Low Romantic Bun

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Add this finishing touch to your date night look! The low-romantic bun is so simple to do, yet is timeless and gorgeous. Learn how to do the low-romantic bun here.

French Side Braid

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If you want to keep this classic but a little playful, do this French side Braid. Very easy to do, and it will heighten the appearance of your cheekbones. There are no bad sides with this hairstyle. Learn how to do the French side Braid here.

Scarf Wrapped Braid

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Add a luxe aesthetic to your braid by wrapping a scarf around your braid. For best looks, choose a scarf with a beautiful Spring or Summer friendly print on it. Learn how to do a scarf wrapped braid here.