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Today I'd really like to write about actuality and, more specifically, about the Italian current situation.

As these articles may suggest, I'm Italian!
When will we be able to leave our fears behind and return to our own, precious, lives?

You are probably already well aware of the general pandemic situation, but how much information do you have about what's actually going on in a specific Nation?

Today I'll simply try to give you a short insight of the Italian situation, just for your own knowledge ;)



Average case count: 22500 per day (in the last 7 days)
Fully vaccinated inhabitants: 2.71 millions (we are 60 millions in total)
Percentage of fully vaccinated population: 4.48%


The restrictions depend on the Region you live in. Every region has been given a color to which correspond some specific limitations.

The colors are:

  • red (high risk)
  • orange (medium risk)
  • yellow (low risk)
  • white (very low risk)

I live in Lombardia (we have Milan) and we're currently a red zone, here is what it means:

  • only essential shops are open
  • bars and restaurants are permitted to offer just a takeaway service
  • gatherings are not allowed (you can't even go visit a friend or a relative)
  • there's a curfew set from 10pm to 5am (during which you can't leave your house)
  • schools are closed (we're having online classes only)

AAAnd that's it. It's harsh, I must admit, but a good thing is that you're still able to do physical activity outside and I've been personally went running everyday since this sort of lockdown has started :)

Finally, what about your Nation? Are you in a similar situation or are you able to do more stuff than here in Italy? How do you feel?

You can send me a text here on WHI or on my instagram with your own story, I'm genuinely interested in hearing all about it!

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