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I'm so happy that, for the first time, I'm on time to make an article about an album released in less than a week. And I'm happier because that album is a masterpiece from my king, Justin.

First of all, I think is important to explain the meaning of the title.I saw this explanation on twitter and I think is totally true.

The name Justin means justice, that's why he choose that name for the album. Here he's singing about what is important to him: his wife, his mental health, what he learned from his mistakes and throughout his life. But also wanted to offer some comfort to people that suffered during this difficult time.

Part of the sales go to Mlk's organization (and others) because he wanted to include Mlk's voice to expand it to the new generations.

This is as you can read, a really meaningful piece of music, where the lyrics sometimes cut like knives but, mixed with very upbeat music that make you wanna dance around the house.

I promise you that even if you don't like him, this album deserve to be on
repeat 24/7 and you're not gonna reject listening to this diamond songs.

Thank you Justin for make this 2021 so much better!

So... let´s get started.

✰*ೃ 2 m u c h ✰*ೃ

aesthetic, romantic, and soft image aesthetic, photography, and soft image hand, morning, and hands image dress, nature, and aesthetic image
I say "I love you" under my breath, more times than you can digest. Music every time I hear your name. Your head's layin' right on my chest, sun's up and I still ain't got no rest. Don't wanna close my eyes, I'm scared I'll miss too much. Don't wanna fall asleep, I'd rather fall in love. When I can't feel you, I feel out of touch. Two seconds without you's like two months. 'Cause eternity with you ain't long enough. Two seconds without you's like two months and that's too much.

✰*ೃ D e s e r v e y o u ✰*ೃ

quotes, poem, and aesthetic image love, aesthetic, and couple image
I can tend to hold things back. I need you more than I let you believe I do 'cause you could think it might be too much. I don't want to be my past. Oh, when we kiss I'm alive and I feel brand new, there's nothing that I want more than us. Night after night you fall asleep on me, I'm praying that I don't go back to who I was. I feel like I don't deserve you tonight, it's in the way that you hold me. I don't deserve you tonight, it's in the things that you show me. I need you, don't let me go. I feel like, I don't deserve you tonight.

✰*ೃ A s I a m ✰*ೃ

aesthetic, run, and autumn image aesthetic, couple, and happiness image
A thousand miles apart, you're the one that holds my heart, it's no surprise, and I tell you all the time. And when life gets way too hard, I'll meet you in the stars, you know I will. I'll keep you near, as I wipe away your tears. Sometimes, I don't know why you love me. Sometimes, I don't know why you care. Take me with the good and the ugly, say, "I'm not goin' anywhere". Take me as I am, swear I'll do the best I can. Say, "I'm not goin' anywhere"

✰*ೃ O f f m y f a c e ✰*ೃ

butterfly, hands, and nature image boys, love, and couch image
One touch and you got me stoned, higher than I've ever known. You call the shots and I follow, sunrise but the night's still young. No words, but we speak in tongues, if you let me, I might say too much. Your touch blurred my vision. It's your world, and I'm just in it. Even sober I'm not thinkin' straight, 'cause I'm off my face, in love with you. I'm out my head, so into you and I don't know how you do it but I'm forever ruined by you.

✰*ೃ H o l y ✰*ೃ

caption, in love, and beach image black and white, fruit, and photography image
I hear a lot about sinners, don't think that I'll be a saint but I might go down to the river. 'Cause the way that the sky opens up when we touch, it's makin' me say that the way you hold me feels so holy. Runnin' to the altar like a track star, can't wait another second. 'Cause the way you hold me, feels so holy. I don't do well with the drama and no, I can't stand it bein' fake. I don't believe in nirvana but the way that we love in the night gave me life.

✰*ೃ U n s t a b l e ✰*ೃ

aesthetic, grunge, and girl image Abusive image
Sometimes I think I overthink and I start to feel anxiety. There were times I couldn't even breathe but you never once abandoned me. I tried to scare you, scare you away, showed you the door, you adored me anyway. When I was broken in pieces you were my peace of mind. Yeah, you loved me when I was unstable. Never judged me when I was unable to love myself, to trust myself. Yeah, you loved me when I was unstable.

✰*ೃ MLK interlude ✰*ೃ

equality and protest image fight, icon, and MLK image
I say to you this morning, that if you have never found something so dear and so precious to you that you will die for it, then you aren't fit to live. You may be 38 years old as I happen to be and one day some great opportunity stands before you, and calls upon you to stand up for some great principle. Some great issue, some great cause, and you refuse to do it because you are afraid. You refuse to do it because you want to live longer. You're afraid that you will lose your job or you're afraid that you will bе criticized. Or that you will lose your popularity, or you're afraid that somеbody will stab you or shoot at you or bomb your house. And so you refuse to take the stand. Well, you may go on and live until you are 90 but you're just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90. And the sensation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit. You died when you refused to stand up for right. You died when you refused to stand up for truth. You died when you refused to stand up for justice.

✰*ೃ D i e f o r y o u ✰*ೃ

love, skin, and body image night, aesthetic, and eyes image
She's a stranger to the night shift, the type of girl you only dream about. I was lost under the lights, an angel in the flames, she pulled me out. Next time that I get her I'ma tell her in every kind of way. I would walk through burning fire even if your kiss could kill me. You know I would die for you. Pain and passion, my desire you're the right now and what will be. You know I would die for you the rest of my life for you.

✰*ೃ H o l d o n ✰*ೃ

aesthetic, city, and river image aesthetic, dark, and heart image
You know you can call me if you need someone. I'll pick up the pieces if you come undone. Painting stars up on your ceiling 'cause you wish that you could find some feeling. You know you can call me if you need someone. I need you to hold on, heaven is a place not too far away. We all know I should be the one to say we all make mistakes. Take my hand and hold on, tell me everything that you need to say. 'Cause I know how it feels to be someone who loses their way. You're looking for answers in a place unknown, you need the connection but you can't get close.

✰*ೃ S o m e b o d y ✰*ೃ

fireworks, aesthetic, and blue image aesthetic, couple, and soft image
Every time I look at you, I'm lookin' at a star, it's the way you light up every room just bein' who you are. Didn't know I needed nothin' 'til I needed you. Look, before I met you, I never believed in magic, but you stole my heart before anyone knew you had it. I know that you know what we got, it don't come easy. It's okay, we all try to pretend that we're brave. When I'm weak, yeah, I'm strong, 'cause of you at the end of the day. Everybody needs somebody, somebody to remind you that you're not alone. Who gon' defend you like an army and never let go. Everybody needs somebody, omebody to wake up to when everyone's gone.

✰*ೃ G h o s t ✰*ೃ

delicate, indie, and aesthetic image clouds, peace, and heaven image
Youngblood thinks there's always tomorrow. I miss your touch on nights when I'm hollow. I know you cross the bridge that I can't follow. Since the love that you left is all that I get, I want you to know that. If I can't be close to you, I'll settle for the ghost of you. I miss you more than life. And if you can't be next to me, your memory is ecstasy. I miss you more than life.

✰*ೃ P e a c h e s ✰*ೃ

art, love, and glow image aesthetic, couple, and grunge image
You ain't sure yet but I'm for ya. All I can want, all I can wish for. Nights alone that we miss more and days we save as souvenirs. There's no time, I wanna make more time and give you my whole life. I left my girl, I’m in Mallorca, hate to leave her, call it torture. Remember when I couldn’t hold her, left her baggage for Rimowa. I got my peaches out in Georgia, I get my weed from California, I took my chick up to the North. I get my light right from the source.

✰*ೃ L o v e y o u d i f f e r e n t ✰*ೃ

nature, love, and aesthetic image aesthetic, minimal, and shadow image
No matter how different, you're beautiful. I can't make this up, no, baby, ain’t no need to beat your face in. Fenty, want you on the cover, under covers ain’t no rubbers. On this planet, I'll treat you like a mother (Let’s make babies). There's beauty on your lips, I drown with every kiss. I'm not used to this, there's nothing I won’t give. Don't like makin' promises, just remember this, I will love you different, just the way you are. And I will love you different, that's what you been looking for. You're the fruit of my life, that patient kind, that tongue got me tongue-tied.

✰*ೃ L o v e d b y y o u ✰*ೃ

aesthetic, boy, and cry image aesthetic, soft, and faces image
I bought a castle in France and it's the same one I built in the sand for you, when I was two. I thought I painted a picture of Heaven, but it turns out it's just your room. I'd run off the end of the earth just to see if you'd catch me when I know you'd let me fall every time. All I do is wish that I could change myself. All I do is wait around and hate myself. I hate the way I need to be loved by you.

✰*ೃ A n y o n e ✰*ೃ

grunge and ahs image black and white, romantic, and rain image
Forever's not enough time to love you the way that I want. 'Cause every morning I find you, I fear the day that I don't. You say that I won't lose you but you can't predict the future, 'cause certain things are out of our control. If you ever move on without me, I need to make sure you know that, you are the only one I'll ever love. If it's not you it's not anyone. Looking back on my life, you're the only good I've ever done.

✰*ೃ L o n e l y ✰*ೃ

feel, sad, and skin image grunge, sea, and lonely image
Everybody knows my past now, like my house was always made of glass. And maybe that's the price you pay for the money and fame at an early age. And everybody saw me sick, and it felt like no one gave a sh-. They criticized the things I did as an idiot kid. What if you had it all but nobody to call? Maybe then you'd know me, 'cause I've had everything but no one's listening. And that's just f- lonely, I'm so lonely.

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