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Ayooooo people, Vivi here! Today we have a short but fun article coming up ! Let me introduce you to two more members of this incredible crew. :)

But first I wanted to say something: These days the news has been feeling really heavy and overwhelming. I hope everyone is safe and doing great reflecting on what we all can do to fight racism. Sending my love to the asian community. We must stay informed, listen and try to understand. Hate only brings hate.

Dilay (Painter)

Image removed girl, black, and korean image

From: Turkey (yes we are so international)

Interested in: Everything including movement, like dancing, singing, etc (yes a queen with multiple talents). Learning languages. A fashionista and a sucker for the color black.

Art: Painting and fashion design to make her own clothes (how cool is that)

Image by Elva Alvarez🦩 black, aesthetic, and gloves image

Lina (Painter)

japan, aesthetic, and archive image aesthetic and couple image

From: A Vietnamese-French girl currently studying in London. ♥

Interested in: Something that keeps you reminded why you are alive: adventure, freedom, running naked in a field if you find it fun in the moment. Currently into spirituality and you wouldn’t find Lina without crystals, pendulums, tarot cards...

Art: Deeply involved in the "Live where your heart finds life" philosophy and that is why Lina loves classical music (violin), art (drawing + painting), literature (Dostoevsky, Bronte, Woolf) so much.

aesthetic, clothes, and field image art, brush, and paint image

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