1. Think before you ink!
Please make sure you are 100% sure you want to get inked and most importantly, what you want to get inked. It will permanently be on your body. Just make sure you will not regret it, love!

2. Make sure to eat and drink enough before getting inked. This is extremely important otherwise you might get circulatory problems. Please do not take this lightly.

3. Make sure someone can pick you up from your appointment not that you get circulatory issues walking home alone! Ask your partner, friends or parents.

4. Make sure you shower before your appointment, your tattoo artist will thank you for that.

5. You can shave the body part that is gonna be inked but your tattoo artist will do it before inking too, even if you shaved before. Do not be embarassed about your body hair, it is normal and your tattoo artists knows that :)

6. Make sure you don't use any lotion or oil on your body before the appointment. It will be harder for your tattoo artist to ink you.

7. Lastly, please make sure you stay as calm as possible, even when it hurts. Your tattoo artist will thank you for that. You can do it <3