hi everyone! this is my first post here and although it's not june, i'm way too excited about this to wait till june, i'm still posting so here's pride tag!
creds: @tbhcaleb (i have no clue how to credit help)

what's your name?
i don't feel comfortable revealing that just yet 😩 let's go with eirlys:")

album, Pink Floyd, and band image
what do you identify as? bisexual!

can you give a definition of your label?
i'm attracted to males and females woo!

did you come out? If not, do you plan on coming out?
i've come out to some of my family, most of my friends, some of my instagram followers haha

how did you come out? Or how would you come out?
for my parents, i basically told my dad who told me it was a phase:.) and asked him to tell my mum but they seem pretty accepting now! I basically just texted some friends or hinted at it by blasting sweater weather. and, i posted a bunch of bi quotes on my instagram(which i took down later because i was a little embarrassed aha)

have you ever been to a gay pride?
no, i was going to go last year, but covid came so :( i hope to go for one!

what did you wear? Or what would you wear if you were to go to one?
i would wear some black pants with maybe a white shirt and deck out with makeup which i cannot do at all and squeeze my big feet in rainbow shoes or just wear white converse.

are you a stereotypical bisexual?
i actually don't know many stereotypes,, someone clue me in?

what's your favourite acceptance quote?
the world has bigger problems than girls who kiss girls and boys who kiss boys.

how does it feel to be yourself?
sometimes i panic and question myself if i'm truly bisexual or am i faking it for attention but on other days, i feel very free and liberated so it's kind of balanced.

who do you look up to sexuality/gender wise?
that's a hard one, most of my lgbtq+ seniors in my school who are such an inspiration to me.

have you ever had a lgbt+ partner?
i'm still 14 please i'm sad and lonely date me

do you have any lgbt+ friends?
i have a few lgbtq+ friends, others are straight allies!

do they have we heart it? If yes tag them!
no haha

what's the best thing about being a part of the community?
i feel that we all share the same problems in a sense so it's easier to find someone to relate with and i feel so proud seeing others be proud of their sexuality, considering it's such a taboo subject in so many countries.

do you think representation matters? Why?
yep, so that we feel more comfortable with our identities.

what's your favourite lgbt+ novel?
i need to read one aaah

how do you feel when you see a character in a book or movie or tv show who is a part of the community?
makes me want to cry with happiness and scream to people," they're like me!"

who's you favourite lgbt+ fictional character?
magnus bane from shadowhunters i was obsessed.

do you watch RuPaul's drag race?
i used to, but i stopped 😩

try to describe lgbt+ culture
rainbows with a little darkness in it

if the gay agenda was real, what would our plan be?
convince people we are not abnormal and we should get rights!

have you ever been made fun of because of your sexuality?

what do you think about gender stereotypes
if it's a fun thing you like then it's fine, but when it crosses a line, it's not okay.

who's your favourite lgbt+ youtuber?
no clue, please recommend😩

do you believe in any God? What's your relationship with religion?
nope, i figured out i was agnostic. i really do be being the family disappointment.

who was your first crush?
a random guy who was shit, but now with a girl aha.

what's your favourite colour of the rainbow?
blue, green or purple!

who's your favourite lgbt+ singer?
i forgot one name, hayley kiyoko, girl in red

what lgbt+ stereotype you do not embody?
no clue

what lgbt+ stereotype you do embody?
no clue for that either

well, that's it for today folks! thank you for reading and supporting this article! please tell me some stereotypes of bisexuals i'm super curious. see you folks later!